Austin Texas EHS Compliance Seminar

Austin Texas EHS Compliance Seminar

What if OSHA or TCEQ shows up in your lobby today?

If your company is like most small manufacturers, you could have some serious problems.

Consider The Following:

  • OSHA increased fines by 78% in 2016. 
  • The average OSHA inspection now results in $30,000 – $80,000 in fines, but can exceed $100,000 in some cases.
  • 25% of all inspections are triggered by employee complaints. This can be a current employee or one that you fired last week.
  • Injured employees or their families can team up with personal injury lawyers to seek settlements that can run into the $millions.
  • EPA can hold business owners & managers personally responsible for violations.

Most manufacturers want to follow environmental, health & safety laws, but it’s not easy so many either give up or keep putting it off until it’s too late. Others mistakenly believe they’re compliant only to find out the hard way that they were wrong….

The Risks Are Too Big To Ignore, So What Can You Do?

Mark Your Calendars For Tuesday, February 20th in Austin, TX.

Representatives from OSHA, TCEQ, Berg Compliance Solutions and Two Local Law firms will discuss vital EHS compliance laws that impact Texas manufacturers, how to manage them and the “$ price tag” for failing to do so. 

In conjunction with ARMA (Austin Regional Manufacturing Association), Berg Compliance Solutions is hosting our 3rd annual Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Seminar designed to help small manufacturers better understand and manage their EHS compliance obligations.

Get the entire agenda and registration details here.

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