Is Your Company Making This Mistake?

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(Manufacturing & Industrial)


If You Need to Know:

  • The Dilemma Facing Small Manufacturers When Managing OSHA and The Major Risks You Face for Failing to Take Action
  • Why Your Company Can’t Outsource Safety
  • Introduction to OSHA Law and Your Workplace Hazard Assessment
  • How to Control Your Health and Safety Hazards: OSHA’s Hierarchy of Controls
  • How to Build Your Customized Safety Program Based on Assessment Results: Introduction to OSHA Standards
  • Deep Dive Into OSHA Standards: Hazard Communication
  • Deep Dive Into OSHA Standards: Lockout/Tagout
  • Deep Dive Into OSHA Standards: Hearing Conservation
  • How to Implement Your Safety Program
  • How to Conduct Routine Safety Inspections
  • Deep Dive Into OSHA Employee Training Requirements
  • OSHA 300 Logs – Injury and Illness Reporting
  • OSHA’s General Duty Clause
  • Why Managing Safety is a Never Ending Process and Introduction to “Management Commitment”
  • The 5 Keys to Managing Safety for the Long Term
  • The Most Common OSHA Compliance Mistakes Made by Small Manufacturers & How to Avoid Them

Then the OSHA Crash Course is for you!