The purpose of this blog post is to let you know that over time we’ve found that up to 80% of local manufacturing companies are routinely out of environmental, health and safety compliance and therefore at serious risk for huge losses that they’re often not aware of.

On the health & safety front, losses can include significant OSHA fines & penalties that can run into the $tens or even $hundreds of thousands of dollars, additional criminal & civil liability from employee injuries & fatalities that can run into the $millions in legal judgments and even jail time, as well as reputational damage, lost business, increased employee turnover and more. To make matters worse, OSHA enforcement efforts are at historically high levels and they issue fines in over 75% of their inspections!

On the environmental front, losses also include TCEQ & EPA fines and penalties that are not capped and can run from $tens of thousands of dollars to fines exceeding $1million. Environmental laws also hold owners and managers personally responsible for violations, which can include additional criminal liability and even jail time. Anyone, including employees and even competitors, can complain to the TCEQ and trigger inspections and enforcement actions.


As a way of helping our existing customers, and giving back to local business, we conducted a 4 month study of these issues and have put together a short EXECUTIVE BRIEFING that’s designed to help you understand these risks, how potentially damaging they could be to your business, and most importantly what you can do to PROTECT YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS.  98% of this report is purely educational. Some of this information you may know about, but most of it you probably don’t but will be very glad you did. If you don’t want to hear the 2% that’s about my company, then you have my word that I’ll get up and leave. But I can promise you that this information will be very beneficial, and that you won’t think that this was a waste of your time.

Common OSHA-Safety Requirements:

  • Current, correct & past 5 years of OSHA 300 Logs?
  • Written PPE Program with Signed Job Hazard Assessments for Each Job Task at Your Facility?
  • Written Hazcom Program Which States Where You Keep & Maintain Updated SDS Sheets and Proof That You Have Trained all Employees How to Read & Understand Them?

Common TCEQ-EPA Requirements:

  • Current, correct & updated Storm Water Permit maintenance logs?
  • Spill Prevention Countermeasure & Control (SPCC) inspection records & training requirements?

We invite you to schedule a brief meeting for 45 minutes of your time to share this free report that’s packed with this vital information that you really need to know about.