EHS Compliance Risks Facing TX Manufacturers

EHS Compliance Risks Facing TX Manufacturers


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The 5 Most Dangerous EHS Compliance Risks Facing Manufacturing Today


What Can Be Done To Address Them

Why did we conduct this study? We’ve been in the environmental, health and safety business here in Austin for over 11 years now and a key statistic that we’ve uncovered during that time is that up to 90% of local manufacturers, especially medium to small sized companies, are routinely out of OSHA EPA, and TCEQ compliance and therefore at risk for huge losses that businesses often aren’t aware of. And I’m talking about things like regulatory, civil and sometimes even criminal liabilities, as well as huge financial losses.

So as a way of helping out our existing clients and local business, we conducted this study to help companies like yours get a better understanding of these issues and how to manage them.

This report is really designed to do 3 things: 1) make you aware of these risks, 2) how potentially damaging they can be to your business and 3) and most importantly, what you can do to manage and address them and all of the benefits of doing so.

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