Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Seminar for Texas Manufacturers

In Conjunction With Austin Regional Manufacturers Association

Join us February 20th for a seminar facilitated by representatives from OSHA, TCEQ, Berg Compliance Solutions, LLC and 2 Local Law Firms. The seminar will cover environmental, health & safety laws that apply to Texas Manufacturers, how to manage them, and the significant liabilities companies face when failing to do so.

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  • Austin area Office of Occupational Health & Safety (OSHA) Representative:
    • Joann Natarajan: Compliance Assistance Specialist
  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Representative:
    • Michael De La Cruz, Section Manager in Office of Compliance & Enforcement
  • Berg Compliance Solutions, LLC:
    • Bradley Prais: Senior Environmental, Health & Safety Consulting Manager
    • Elizabeth Frisch: Environmental Consulting Specialist
  • Birch, Becker & Moorman, LLP
    • Erich M. Birch
  • Beveridge & Diamond:
    • Michael F. Vitris, Associate



Speaker: Joann Natarajan: Compliance Assistance Specialist

  • 2, 50 Minute Presentations
  • Presentations: OSHA Regulations & Enforcement for Texas Manufacturers

Presentation #1 (50 minutes):

    • New Regulations Update: (50 minutes)
      • Silica rule changes
      • Record Keeping changes  (this will be a great topic)
      • Walking & Working Surfaces
    • Enforcement Update: (50 minutes) (Confirmed)
      • 78% fine increases + 2% Added in 2018
      • How the inspection process works
      • How companies are selected for inspection/what triggers inspections
      • Top 10 General Industry/Manufacturing Violations from 2016 (Confirmed)


Speaker: Michael De La Cruz, Section Manager in Office of Compliance & Enforcement

Presentation: Texas Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Privilege Act

    • Discussion of this environmental compliance incentive program which offers fine and penalty immunity to companies who are out of compliance, but voluntarily self-audit, disclose violations, and commit to implementing corrective violations

Birch, Becker & Moorman, LLP

Speaker: Erich Birch

Environmental Compliance: Fairy Tales, Scary Stories & Environmental Compliance


  • Compliance is good business:  the unrecognized costs of noncompliance
  • Regulatory agencies using new approaches to find environmental violators
  • Factors that result in otherwise good people being cited for criminal violations
  • Insight on responding to regulatory notices of violation and enforcement
  • The often overlooked benefits and value of an environmental audit
  • Practical suggestions for meeting environmental regulatory obligations
  • Entertaining discussion of enforcement and compliance, with examples


Berg Compliance Solutions, LLC: 2 Presentations

Speaker: Bradley Prais: Senior Environmental, Health & Safety Consulting Manager

Presentation #1: OSHA’s In The Lobby – How to Manage an OSHA Inspection &

Myth Busters: Common Health & Safety Compliance Misconceptions Topics:

  • What Can Trigger an OSHA Inspection: Employee Complaints, Targeted Inspections
  • Austin area OSHA inspection statistics
  • How to Survive an OSHA inspection
  • Common Violations: Written Programs, Training, Health Testing
  • The Aftermath: Corrective Actions, Contesting Citations & Informal Conference
  • Myth Busters: Common Health & Safety Compliance Misconceptions: No, Your Insurance Company Can’t Manage Your OSHA Compliance & Other Misconceptions

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Staying Out of Trouble & In Compliance in Texas

Speaker:  Elizabeth Frisch, Senior Environmental Compliance Consultant


  • The new improved RCRA hazardous waste regulation – Are you compliant yet? ·
  • The cheap, not so cheap and very expensive options for permitting air emissions.
  • Got oil? Better have evaluated SPCC.·        The ins and outs of storing chemicals and oils – Regulations you must meet to keep them onsite
  • How are you shipping that hazardous material? DOT Cares
  • Spills in Texas – Who, how, when, were and what do you report?
  • The down and dirty of stormwater – keeping the $2,500 per event penalties away

Beveridge & Diamond:

Speaker: Michael F. Vitris, Associate at Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.

OSHA: 2017 Look Back/What To Expect in 2018/Criminal Liabilities for Employers


This presentation will take a look back at OSHA rulemaking and enforcement developments from 2017 and look forward to what employers might expect in 2018. Participants can expect to learn about the status of OSHA’s leadership, the fate of several OSHA rules that were issued at the close of the Obama administration, rulemaking activity that is anticipated in 2018, OSHA enforcement and civil penalty trends, and recent OSHA guidance and policy developments.

Potential criminal liabilities for employers.

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