Per the City of Austin’s Stay Home – Stay Safe order, essential businesses who continue to operate during the pandemic must develop and manage an Infectious Disease Response Plan.  Unfortunately the city doesn’t offer any further guidance, however the plan is based on OSHA and CDC recommendations which are extensive.

The longer the pandemic lasts & the longer essential businesses continue to operate, the more important it is to have a solid plan and follow it, to help protect your employees and prevent an outbreak within your company.

To help with this goal, we’re offering to conduct a free COVID-19 response plan review.

I’m sure your company has already started with a plan, but have you covered all of your bases?

Let’s spend a few minutes reviewing what you’re currently doing and identify potential gaps, and then make recommendations for improvement.

During this critical time, the more we do to control the spread of COVID-19 the better.


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We routinely conduct free EHS compliance assessments for Texas companies, with great results, but have now shifted our focus towards this current need as part of our ongoing mission to help small TX companies understand & manage compliance & risk.