How To Implement & Manage A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Infection Control Plan

According to Austin’s current “Stay Home – Work Safe” Order, Exhibit B, Section 4: “Requirements For Employers,” Item H, Employers “Shall Implement & Manage An Infectious Disease Response Plan.”

If your company is an Essential Business who continues to operate during the pandemic, this requirement is not optional.

In fact, the longer the pandemic lasts, and the longer essential businesses continue to operate, the more critical this plan becomes in order to prevent serious medical risks for your staff,  workforce outbreaks which could lead to shutdowns, and even potential civil liabilities and more.

Like many regulations, the plan requirements are extensive, often difficult to understand, and even tougher to manage and comply with and are based on OSHA & CDC guidance & recommendations.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the major requirements:

  • Perform Overall Business Risk Assessment
  • Identify Employee Risk Categories:  OSHA has identified 4 different risk categories
  • Identify & Implement Workplace Control Measures:  This includes administrative & engineered controls as well as providing PPE.
  • Basic Preventative Measures That Apply to All Risk Categories
  • Employee Training & Education

We’re here to help the Austin business community to better understand these requirements and navigate this process.

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 How To Build & Manage An Infectious Disease Response Plan: What Employers Need To Know “