How bad could a failed environmental, health or safety inspection be for you and your company?
It can hurt
The average fine of a failed OSHA inspection exceeds $60,000. Environmental fines are often higher. In the case of serious employee injuries or fatalities due to willful negligence, business owners can face civil and even criminal prosecution. Can you risk it?
Seventy-Five Percent of Inspections Result in Fines
Here’s the other thing, you’ll never know about the inspection until the guys with the clipboards are at your door. They can inspect you whenever they want.
As a business manager it doesn’t pay to operate outside of regulatory compliance.
My Research Presents the Facts About Non-Compliance Risks
In case you think I’m exaggerating the risk I’ve prepared for you a research report that looks at the financial and legal costs of non-compliance for small companies in Texas. You can read anddownload the report here. No forms to fill out. No obligation.
Of course, if the sobering report should move you to reduce your risk, we’re here to help. Berg Compliance Solutions specializes in helping small businesses get compliant and stay compliant.
Russell Carr, President
Berg Compliance Solutions