Many small Texas companies struggle with OSHA compliance due to a lack of time, resources and expertise.  Unfortunately OSHA doesn’t give passes, even to small companies, and routinely issues huge fines and penalties to non-compliant companies.

Often times, small companies compound the problem by wrongly believe that they’re OSHA compliant when they’re not. These misconceptions can arise from relying on their insurance company, OSHCON or simply take the word of staff who claim that “everything is handled.”

Here’s a quick OSHA compliance quiz to help small Texas companies quickly assess whether or not they’re OSHA compliant:

In general, all companies must follow all  OSHA safety & health standards

We  can’t go  into  all  of the requirements now,  but think about  it  this way:  there’s 3 things that employers  have to manage: the physical hazards that exist on the shop floor, but also  all of the administrative requirements including written programs and record keeping, as well as all of the employee training requirements covered under  these  standards.    These are very extensive requirements.

Let me give you some examples:

Does Your Company Have These in Place?

Hazard Communication program

▪         does it document where you keep SDSs?

▪         and how to read SDSs?

▪         Have you trained your employees on how to read and understand SDSs, and documented this training?

PPE program

▪         Do you have written and signed PPE hazard assessments for each job ask?

▪         Have you trained your employees on how to use PPE and documented this training?

Lockout/Tagout program

▪         Do you have written lockout/tagout program with specific LOTO procedures for each piece of energized equipment in your facility?

▪         And have you trained your employees on how to follow these procedures, and documented this training?

▪         Do you conduct annual audits on these LOTO procedures to ensure that your employees understand them?

OSHA 300 logs

▪         Updated and correct OSHA 300 logs for the past 5 years, and poste the OSHA 300 logs as required by law?

Are all of your bases covered?

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