There Are Many Safety Consulting Companies Out There, But We’re Different

We Specialize In Helping Small Companies Manage OSHA & Environmental Compliance In The Most Comprehensive & Cost Effective Way Possible

Imagine this scenario….

“OSHA’s In The Lobby”

It’s the call you’ve been dreading, but here it is. Your receptionist calls to tell you that an OSHA inspector is in the lobby to inspect your company.

Your mind races…. we haven’t delivered safety training in years, we have no written programs, our equipment is outdated and dangerous.

You’ve wanted to address this for years but never had the time.

Now What?

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Did you know that OSHA increased fines by 78% in 2016? “Serious” violations, the most common type, can cost up to $12,476 each, and “Repeat” & “Willful” violations can cost up to $124,709 each.

The average OSHA inspection results in 5-10 “Serious” violations, and negligent companies face potential Repeat & Willful violations.  Fines can literally add up to $tens or even $hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What’s true for OSHA is also true for EPA and state environmental agencies:  If either shows up at your front door, your company needs to be ready. You want to provide a safe & environmentally friendly workplace for your employees and local community, but it’s not easy. We understand that and we can help…

We specialize in helping small companies achieve and maintain environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance. 

We Offer An Outsourced Environmental, Health and Safety Service That Gets Your Company Compliant and Protects Your Business From Related Risks.  Get Compliant & Get Piece of Mind.

Who We Are:

EHS Compliance For Small Business, a different kind of safety consulting company in Texas.

We specialize in helping small manufacturing, construction, energy & industrial service companies manage environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance.

Let us be your Outsourced EHS Department.  We’ll assign a team of experts to manage your company’s OSHA and environmental compliance for less than 1/2 the cost of an in-house EHS manager.

Avoid devastating employee injuries, regulatory fines, lost customers, increased insurance costs, personal injury lawsuits & even potential criminal liabilities. These issues can result in serious reputational damage & embarrassment for your company.

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Grow and protect your business, leave the compliance to us.

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