Austin’s OSHA Regional Office today released the final update for their 2016-17 workplace fatality report.

Read the accident descriptions and you’ll soon realize how easily these workplace fatalities could have been prevented.  A second of inattention, forgetting to buckle a seatbelt, ….

These fatalities are a stark reminder of the vital importance of implementing an EHS Compliance and OSHA compliance program and building a culture of safety within companies.  This can raise awareness among employees of the importance of safety and ultimately prevent needless workplace injuries and fatalities.

Austin Fatalities & Accidents FY 2017

10-8-16 Centerline Services, LLC.

Co. Size: 15

NAICS: 238210

Hispanic: N

Age: 33

Kingsland Crew of two workers repairing a concrete culvert near edge of lake. One worker walked off to truck for tools and returned to find other worker was missing. Hat seen floating in water. Rescuers pulled second worker from water, who appeared to have drowned.

Victim: Garrett Corban

11-29-16 L3 Communications

Co. Size: 38,000

NAICS: 561621

Hispanic: N

Age: 37

Austin A worker was electrocuted while attempting to repair an baggage scanner at the Austin airport due to a loose/disconnected neutral wire in power cable to the scanner, causing arcing.

Victim: Luke Dundore

11-17-16 H.E.B.

Co. Size: 90,000

NAICS: 445110

Hispanic: N

Age: 57

Dripping Springs After a site visit to a grocery store, a worker posed with store members for a group photo. While on posing, the worker lost her balance, fell on the same level and broke her femur. The worker was hospitalized and subsequently died of complications.

Victim: Donna Drury

12-9-16 AT & T

Co. Size: 21141

NAICS: 517919

Hispanic: N

Age: 46

Austin Driver of an 18 wheeler dump truck was backing up when truck rolled over onto worker putting in a fiber optics service, crushing him. The dump truck driver suffered a broken arm.

Victim: David Jur

12-12-16 Frontier Communications

Co. Size: 26,000

NAICS: 517919

Hispanic: Y

Age: 62

Bryan Employee returned to the company yard with his bucket truck after his last job of the day. Since he was the last to return to the yard, he was going to lock up the gate for the evening. He was found by fellow employees on the ground and the truck came to rest against another vehicle. It was reported he stated the vehicle ran over him.

Victim: Raul Pequeno

1-10-17 JCW Construction

Co. Size: 14

NAICS: 541320

Hispanic: N

Age: Unknown

Boerne A temporary worker tried to retrieve a hat from IH-10 when he was hit by U-Haul truck.

Victim: Daniel Butler

1-20-17 Jimmy Evans Company, LTD

Co. Size: 300

NAICS: 236220

Hispanic: Y

Age: 39

Round Rock A superintendent was operating a motor grader on a road construction site. He went over a bump in the road, hit his head on the cab canopy, and fell out of the motor grader. Worker was not wearing a seat belt, and the motor grader ran over the worker.

Victim: William Duenez, Jr.

4-15-17 Urban Concrete Contractors, LLC.

Co. Size: 500

NAICS: 238140

Hispanic: Y

Age: 47

Falls City On 4/15/17 Victim was cleaning out the bottom of an excavation approximately 8 feet deep and 3 feet wide when the dirt wall collapsed, pushing him into the concrete retaining wall striking his head.

Victim: Abelardo Rodriguez

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