“OSHA Compliance 101” For Texas Home Builders

Many Texas home builder owners and executives feel overwhelmed by OSHA regulations, and complain that they and their superintendents are just too busy and lack the time, resources and expertise to properly manage everything.  That may be true, but OSHA doesn’t care nor does it give “passes,” even to small companies. This dictum from OSHA’s website says it all:

All Employers Are Required by Federal Law to

“Provide a Safe and Healthy Workplace.”


As you can see, this requirement is extremely vague, broad and therefore puts an enormous burden on construction companies.  To make matters worse, OSHA also expects that home builders ensure that their sub-contractors operate in a health & safe manner, even though often times sub-contractors are small operations and have no understanding of OSHA requirements, let alone how to manage compliance.  That’s why it’s so critical to take the time to understand OSHA regulations, how they apply to your business, and take steps to ensure that your company and job sites are in compliance. By doing so, you’ll benefit by protecting your employees and sub-contractors from work related harm, while at the same time protecting your business from potentially devastating regulatory fines and penalties, and in extreme cases civil and even criminal liability. Another significant benefit includes protecting your company’s reputation.  Businesses who get in trouble with OSHA often suffer significant public embarrassment and PR disasters when they issue press releases about violating companies that are distributed to local newspapers, trade journals and on line for the local community, competitors, and worst of all, your customers to read.

This guide will get you well on your way towards achieving these objectives and is a must-read for any home builder who doesn’t have a full time and experienced health and safety compliance manager, or for companies who are just getting acquainted with their OSHA regulatory obligations. By the time you’ve finished reading this document, you’ll have gained a much better understanding of what OSHA demands of your company and can then begin to use the knowledge gained to assess your company’s current OSHA compliance condition, determine what needs to be fixed, and hopefully begin work on making improvements.



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