OSHA Safety & Environmental Consulting in Texas

OSHA Safety & Environmental Consulting in Texas


Introducing ouR new cost-effective

small business
compliance packages

Our 4 new Small Business OSHA Compliance Packages
help you tackle the biggest OSHA compliance
challenges small companies face.

  • Customized Written OSHA Compliance Programs
  • Customized Online OSHA Compliance Training
  • Customized Lockout/Tagout Programs
  • Guided Compliance: Includes everything listed above and much more.

Our experts help you every step of the way.
Get started on your road towards OSHA compliance today!

My name is Russell Carr and I’m the founder of Berg Compliance Solutions.

We’ve created this short video to introduce our company and explain how and why we’re different than other environmental, health and safety consulting companies.

Selecting a safety or environmental consulting company is big decision for any company, so we’re hoping that this information will help you make a better decision.

So we’re different in 3 major ways:

  • We focus almost entirely on working with small companies. The majority of our clients have less than 100 employees. We focus on working with small companies because they almost always lack the internal expertise, time and resources needed to keep up with these regulations, and are therefore at greatest risk.  We understand that which is why we focus on helping them.
  • We offer a very unique proven and proprietary turn-key compliance solution called Assured Compliance, which gives our clients many benefits which are outlined in the attached video. We will check all of the EHS compliance boxes and by the end of the first 12 months, we’ll actually guarantee your OSHA compliance.  All for a fixed monthly fee that’s typically ¼ to 1/3 the cost of a full time safety manager.  This is very different than most of our competitors who not only won’t guarantee their work, but typically work on a project by project basis. We drive your EHS compliance programs!
  • Finally, we’re different because of my own unique understanding of the challenges that small companies face when managing these regulations, because I used to own and operate 3 small contracting companies including 2 in the wind energy and oil gas industries that had major safety risks.  And the point is that I struggled for years trying to manage our OSHA compliance.  Those experiences were what inspired me to start this company, to help other small business owners and companies to manage these regulations.  So I really understand the challenges because I’ve been there.

Hopefully this brief introduction gives you a better idea of who we are and what we can help your company achieve and maintain OSHA and environmental compliance.

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EHS Compliance Services

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