EHS Professional,

Here are some career related questions we’d like to ask you to consider:

  • Would you like to expand your career by learning new EHS compliance requirements?  Maybe you’re a health & safety specialist, but would you like to learn more about environmental and hazardous materials compliance, or vice versa.
  • Would you like to break the routine of managing the same hazards and compliance requirements at your “in-house” job day after day, and expose your career to new EHS challenges, at a wide range of different industries & companies?
  • Would you like to help small businesses protect their employees and communities, and reduce related business risks?  Small companies are often under-resourced, struggle to manage EHS compliance, and may not understand the risks to themselves, their employees & communities.  They need your help!

Our consultants enjoy & appreciate these challenges & other opportunities, and maybe you can too….

We’re currently in the process of recruiting new staff consultants to help manage our ever growing list of general industry and construction clients in the Texas market.

If you’re an EHS professional with at least 5 years of experience and a 4 year undergraduate &/or graduate degree, live in the Austin area, and are interested in learning more about our career opportunities, please respond back to this email with an updated resume, compensation requirements and available start dates.

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