As our home page states, we specialize in helping small Texas companies manage OSHA, EPA, TCEQ and hazardous materials EHS compliance. We help large companies as well, but our experience tells us that small companies are at greatest risk because they simply lack the time, resources and internal expertise to adequately manage EHS compliance.

Typically we work with 3 types of clients. The first type, frankly, is very happy with their current compliance position however; they often are what I call visionaries and may be open to looking at ways to improve their internal EHS performance. They look at companies like ours, Berg Compliance Solutions, for two reasons. They desire to verify their company’s OSHA and environmental compliance position or they are concerned about the resources required to manage all the compliance requirements. Many companies know that they do not need a full time safety manager but want more expertise than what is available by internal resources.

The second type of client is not as fortunate as the first, they do have vision but they aren’t totally satisfied with their existing compliance position. They may be frustrated with understanding which OSHA, EPA and TCEQ regulations apply to their business or under pressure to control increasing workers compensation premiums. As is often the case, they are a small company operating on a tight budget and simply lack the time, resources and internal expertise to get it right. They may also be behind in managing their EHS activities that may result in an increased exposure to OSHA and environmental fines and penalties.

The 3rd type of company often, and literally, has very little or no understanding of their OSHA and environmental compliance requirements and are therefore totally exposed to increased workplace injuries, OSHA fines and penalties, environmental fines and penalties, and related risks and liabilities. Our job then turns towards education to help these companies understand their EHS regulatory compliance obligations and how to manage them.

Does your company fall into either category?

If yes,

  • How is EHS compliance handled in your company?
  • Is OSHA and environmental compliance your only duty, or are you settled with other management responsibilities?
  • What are the biggest environmental, health and safety compliance challenges you face right now?
  • If you could have one thing to help you out, what would that be?
  • Have you used EHS consultants before?
  • How long has it been a problem?
  • How does it affect you directly?
  • Is there anything else I should know that would be helpful?

If you have issues in these areas, we can help!

We are an OSHA consulting and environmental consulting business located in Austin, TX but help clients manage EHS throughout the state in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas and beyond.

We offer the following services in Texas and throughout the country:

    • Outsourced EHS compliance
    • OSHA safety training
    • Environmental compliance training
    • Safety training
    • Hazardous and toxic waste management

Want to learn more about our company and services and how we can help you manage OSHA and environmental compliance in Texas?

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