Texas Small Quantity and Large Quantity waste generators must create, manage and update P2 plans.

TCEQ recently published these updates regarding P2 Plan deadlines, updates and compliance resources:

P2 Planning Due Dates

Facilities that have completed a five-year P2 reporting cycle in 2019 must renew a five-year P2 Plan and submit an Executive Summary and Certificate of Completeness and Correctness (C3) to the TCEQ by January 1, 2020.

Additionally, facilities who become subject to P2 Planning must create an initial five-year P2 Plan and submit an Executive Summary and C3 to the TCEQ within 90 days of submitting the first TRI Form R or first Annual Waste Summary, whichever comes first.


Fall 2019 P2 Workshops

Once again this year, the University of Texas-Arlington Zero Waste Network is offering multiple two-day Pollution Prevention Workshops throughout Texas in conjunction with the TCEQ:

These Workshops will provide you with strategies on how to improve efficiency, decrease waste, and eliminate pollution.

For more information, please visit www.P2Plan.org.

Tools & Resources

To assist you with preparing an Executive Summary, we provide the following resources:

P2 Planner – created by the UTA Zero Waste Network to help you prepare an Executive Summary and C3. To access the planner, please visit  www.zerowastenetwork.org

Worksheet 6 – created by TCEQ to help you create an Executive Summary. To download the worksheet, please visit www.P2Plan.org.

Keep in mind that your P2 Plan should remain on-site for investigators.