Texas Large Quantity Generators and Small Quantity Generators must register with TCEQ as a waste generator.  Below are basic registration and compliance requirements.

Need to fill out a Notification for Hazardous or Industrial Waste Management.  The form is located here:


and the instructions are located here:


For companies who fall below SQG status may be able to utilize TCEQ’s “One Time Shipment Form”:

The form must be mailed, and it takes about 5 days to process once they get it.  If you need to ship sooner than that, you must complete a One-Time Shipment Request for Texas Waste Code (OTS) form:


This form may be faxed to 512-239-6410, so you should receive temporary EPA and SW registration numbers so you can ship within a few days.

When you fill out either of these forms, you will need to have completed waste determinations, i.e., get Texas and EPA waste codes, and have waste management units (WMUs) determined.  If all of that is not completed yet, you can wait until the notice of registration is generated online and then update additional wastes and WMUs at a later date.

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