Outsourced EHS Compliance Solutions

Due to budgetary considerations, many businesses are unable to staff a full time EHS professional and instead assign EHS compliance solutions responsibilities to others such as an operations or HR manager. However, keeping up to date with complex rules & regulations, program development and documentation, continually assessing the workplace for hazards, providing ongoing safety training for employees, in addition to their other work responsibilities, can become impossible and overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that effective and reliable compliance management requires extensive experience and qualifications from the person tasked with the responsibility, as well as time. Business owners and managers often don’t know that outsourcing compliance management is an option.Berg Compliance Solutions provides an outsourced EHS compliance solutions service that gives our clients access to our dedicated staff of experts who provide a comprehensive assessment of your compliance condition, and then develop a customized program to help your business achieve and maintain compliance.

Our EHS Compliance Solutions Service Consists of the Following:

  • The program begins with a comprehensive assessment of your companies’ current compliance condition, whether you have one location or several. The assessment compares your specific business operations to all applicable EHS rules & regulations that apply to your business and identifies any gaps between the two.
  • The findings from the assessment are then prioritized into a list of action items that ultimately bring your business into full compliance. Each action item references the specific regulatory requirement or best practice that applies to the finding.
  • Implementation of your environmental, health & safety program.
  • Creation or review your EHS manual to ensure your compliance.
  • Creation of employee training programs.
  • Recordkeeping management assistance.
  • Implementation of a customized calendar to organize, schedule and maintain all aspects of your compliance. Including;
    • Implementation of the prioritized action items identified during the assessment phase.
    • Scheduling of all required employee safety, environmental and other regulatory training.
    • Scheduling of all OSHA-safety program requirements.
    • Optional environmental program and permit management.

Benefits of Our Outsourced EHS Compliance Solutions Program:

  • Keeps your company in line with regulatory requirements.
  • Protects your workforce
  • And ultimately protects your business from the potentially devastating risks associated with non-compliance.
  • And all for about half the cost of an in-house EHS Manager.

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