Did You Know…

OSHA inspections have increased by 80% in this year?

OSHA’s Penalty Policies:

  1. In 2010, the average penalty for a serious OSHA citation increased from approximately $1,000 to an average of $3,000-$4,000.
  2. Time frame for considering an employer’s history of violations and repeated violations has expanded from three years to five years.
  3. Employers can receive a 20% reduction in fines if they agree to retain an outside safety and health consultant.
  4. A penalty reduction may be permitted in recognition of an employer’s effort to implement an effective workplace safety and health management system.

Are you ready for OSHA to walk through your doors?

You could be. It’s time for a check-up.


Introducing Our Compliance Action Assessment

Given OSHA’s increased enforcement, your organization needs to be prepared.  We will assess where your EH&S program stands today, then identify issues and address the gaps.

What We Evaluate

  1. Injury and illness logs documenting your history and trends
  2. Health and safety manual with required OSHA programs, including emergency procedures
  3. Required OSHA training plan, including implementation documentation
  4. Physical hazards associated with your operational environment
  5. Implementation and practice of health and safety programs throughout your facility
  6. Environmental issues (hazardous waste, air and stormwater permits)
  7. Evidence of management commitment and employee involvement


How Long It Takes


Step 1:  Typically one day of on-site activity at your location(s)

Step 2:  Two weeks to prepare a comprehensive gap analysis and corrective action plan

Step 3:  One-hour follow-up meeting to present our findings and recommended solution


What Happens Next-Your Choice!

Option 1:  We’ll create a list of short- and long-term action items for your staff to implement

Option 2:  We’ll execute these on your behalf and become accountable for the results

Option 3:  We’ll become your partner and divide and conquer

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