Stop by our booth at the 2018 Central Texas Manufacturing Expo & Conference, hosted by ARMA, this week in Austin for a chance to win 50% off our comprehensive mock OSHA inspection service.

Consider These Facts:

  • OSHA could inspect your business at any time & without warning
  • 75%+ of companies who get inspected will fail
  • The average comprehensive OSHA inspection results in $35,0000 – $80,000 in fines, but often exceeds $100,000!
  • Small manufacturers are at greatest risk
  • The most common violations include Lockout/Tagout, Hazard Communication & Machine Guarding. Is your company compliant with these standards?

Our Compliance Action Assessment service reviews all aspects of your company’s OSHA compliance condition, including written programs, employee training, record keeping requirements, health testing and physical hazards in your workplace, and creates a prioritized action plan to achieve compliance.

Our Compliance Action Assessment service is a great value compared to the risks, and will get your company on the road towards compliance.

We’ve provided this service to many other Texas manufacturers, and would love to do it for your company next.

Visit us in booth #509 to learn more, and we’ll see you then!

PS:We can help with environmental & hazardous materials compliance too.

Russell Carr

Founder & President