Our company has been in business in the Austin, TX area for over 11 years now helping local manufacturers manage environmental, heath and safety compliance issues. And during that time, we’ve found that up to 90% of local manufacturers are routinely out of compliance and therefore at risk for big losses that companies aren’t aware of.
This includes regulatory fines and penalties, legal liabilities, and other significant problems.

In order to help local businesses, we conducted a 6 month study of these issues and condensed the key findings into a short report that:
• Gives businesses an overview of the 5 most critical compliance risks that manufacturers must understand and manage in order prevent these significant losses from occurring.
• It also gives great advice on how to manage these issues, and describes all of the benefits of doing so, such as reducing risk, saving money, driving down insurance costs, reducing employee turnover and protecting your company’s reputation.

The report is full of great information, is 100% educational, and has been very well received by the other companies that we’ve shared it with so far. IT’S FREE WITH NO OBLIGATION.

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