What you are about to read is the culmination of 12 months of detailed research that I conducted several years ago trying to understand why small companies struggle so much when trying to manage OSHA and environmental compliance and the major risks they face when failing to do so. The research is combined with my 20+ year career in the EHS industry, which includes 15 years as a small business owner running 3 contracting businesses with major EHS compliance requirements and risks.

Through it all, I've learned first hand how difficult it is for small businesses to manage the long list of OSHA, EPA and state environmental regulations that impact them, and the devastating risks they face for failing to do so. Unfortunately, my experiences include seeing good people I've known throughout my career fall victim to these risks, including devastating regulatory fines and penalties, serious employee injuries & fatalities, and even a few civil and criminal cases and convictions.

The combination of my research and experiences later inspired me to found Berg Compliance Solutions, LLC, which is dedicated to helping other small business owners and small companies to manage environmental, health and safety compliance and risk.

I've summarized everything I've learned in this must read report: The 5 Most Dangerous Compliance Risks Facing Small Companies.    I've presented this vital report to many small business owners and management teams over the years, and it's always very well received.  Please read with careful skill and diligence.

PS: I'll be posting a video presentation of this report in the coming weeks.  Check back soon....

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