“Welcome and thanks for making the decision to watch my vital report!

I’ve presented it to many small manufacturers & management teams over the years and it’s always been very well received and sparked great conversation and questions.

Most importantly, it’s prompted ACTION towards achieving compliance and risk reduction from just about everyone who’s seen it.

Due to its success, I finally decided to update and record it so that more manufacturers can benefit from the vital information.

It’s about 90 minutes long, so settle in and relax and learn everything you need to know about these risks and more importantly how to avoid them.

It could very well be the best 90 minutes you’ve ever spent, and could literally save your business, I promise!

Feel free to make note of any questions or concerns and contact me, I promise to respond.”

Pro Tip:  Split it up into 2, 45 minute “lunch and learn” sessions for you and your management team.

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