Learn Your Company’s EHS Compliance Condition & Related Risks Today

On The Call You’ll Talk With Berg’s President & He’ll Walk You Through Our Assessment Process To Determine Your Company’s EHS Compliance Condition  & Related Risks. See How Your Company Stacks Up!

Here’s Why It’s So Important:  Non-compliant companies are at major risk for:

  • Huge regulatory fines from OSHA, TCEQ & EPA that can run into the $10’s or $100’s of thousands of dollars
  • Civil & even criminal liability if employees get seriously injured or worse
  • Reputation & PR damage for the company
  • Lost business
  • Increased costs & lost money; US companies lose $140 billion every year to workplace injuries

Small companies are at greatest risk because they almost always lack the internal expertise & resources needed to keep up.  

Act now before it’s too late.  We are here to help.