Our EHS Compliance Client Case Study Success Stories

Most small companies lack the expertise, time and resources needed to keep with their OSHA & EPA compliance obligations.

This results in a perpetual condition of non-compliance, putting the company at significant risk for huge regulatory fines and penalties, serious employee injuries, lost business & money, and even civil & criminality if things go wrong.

When our typical clients starts working with us, they have little or nothing in place regarding environmental, health and safety.  That means no written programs, no policies and procedures, no employee safety training, no environmental registrations or permits, and nobody on staff who understands the regulations or even which apply.

So if this sounds familiar, don’t feel bad because you’re definitely not alone.

The good news is that we’ve helped many small companies like yours go from “zero” to full compliance with applicable OSHA, TCEQ and EPA regulations, and have done so in a relatively short period of time and with minimal disruption for their business.

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