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Helping Small Business Manage Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Since 2003

Welcome to Berg Environmental Services and Berg Compliance Solutions. We’re here to support those who own or work for small companies struggling to keep up with the complicated OSHA, EPA and state environmental regulations that impact small business.  Whether you’re being proactive or have already experienced non-compliance problems, you’ve come to the right place.

Russell Carr, Founder & Principal:  “I used to own and operate a small wind energy services company that operated across the country.  This is a photo I took of one of our technicians inspecting a wind turbine on the Columbia River Gorge in eastern Oregon several years ago.  Our staff worked in very dangerous conditions with major safety hazards including working at heights up to 250 feet, near large moving parts & high voltage electricity and more. 

I learned first hand how difficult and stressful managing safety can be for a small business.  This included owning and operating a small oil and gas service company and a hazardous waste transportation business.  Between the 3 companies, I had to answer to OSHA, EPA, TCEQ, DOT and local regulators. It was overwhelming.  These experiences and lessons-learned inspired me to to found Berg Compliance Solutions which is dedicated to helping small businesses manage environmental, health and safety compliance and related risk.”

Here’s the problem:  Most small businesses simply lack the internal expertise, time, money, and resources that are needed to stay current with these environmental, health and safety regulations. You are not alone in this struggle, but the situation ends up putting your company, employees, local community, and even management at serious risk for major liabilities including:

  • Major Regulatory Fines and Penalties
  • Serious Employee Injuries and Even Fatalities
  • Skyrocketing Insurance and Other Related Costs
  • Lost Customers
  • Public Relations Nightmares
  • Potential Civil and Criminal Liabilities
  • Costly Environmental Damage
  • And more….

Our unique understanding of these risks and challenges facing small businesses makes us different than other consulting companies and has allowed us to develop a unique and proven approach for solving these compliance issues.

Our focus on small business makes us different from other EHS consulting companies

With our customized, proven, and proprietary outsourced compliance solutions, we will get your company restructured to incorporate all the necessary OSHA, EPA and State Environmental laws and regulations in an efficient and affordable way, while avoiding any major business disruption. We call it Assured Compliance.  Achieve & manage EHS compliance and reduce your risk.

Kit Harper, Plant Manager at Lifelast:

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Berg Compliance Solutions to shore up our confidence in our EHS compliance. As a small company we can’t dedicate a resource to becoming an expert in this field, so partnering with Berg in this capacity has been fantastic. They have driven our compliance schedule and audits to ensure we have a safe workplace for our employees. Everyone we have engaged within Berg has been a very personable and competent individual with great leadership.
Please consider hearing from them how they could partner with you!”

Daryl Lanaville, Plant Manager at Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure:

“We initially chose to use Berg for their expertise because we believe it is not cost effective to develop that level of depth internally.”

Here is what some of our other clients have to say about our services.

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We’ll Get Your Company Compliant & Protect Your Business From Fines, Legal Liabilities & Other Major Losses.

Learn How Our Assured Compliance Service Will:

  • Get Your Company Compliant With OSHA, EPA, TCEQ & DOT Regulations.

  • Protect Your Employees & Community From Harm

  • Protect Your Business From Major Regulatory Fines & Penalties

  • Protect Your Business From Related Civil & Even Criminal Liabilities

  • Save Money By Reducing Insurance Premiums & Other Related Costs

  • All For 50-75% Less Than The Cost Of An In-House EHS Employee & We Even Guarantee Your Compliance!

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