Since 2003, Berg Environmental Services and Berg Compliance Solutions have helped hundreds of small companies manage their environmental, health and safety compliance. Here’s why…..

Russell Carr, Founder & Principal

“Most small manufacturing and construction company leaders feel frustrated, overwhelmed and ill-equipped to deal with the regulatory burden of ever-changing safety requirements and responsibilities. How do I know? For over a decade, I was in your shoes.

Like you, I wanted to be known in my industry as a “best-in-class” company. I wanted safe employees, environmental compliance, and an iron-clad reputation. But navigating the complex and continuously shifting OSHA and EPA regulations was – and is – extremely difficult. Like you, I lacked the expertise, time and resources needed to keep up. And I paid the price.

Despite my best efforts to figure it all out, I was cited by OSHA. Maybe you have been too. I know firsthand – it doesn’t feel good.

That’s why I founded Berg Compliance Solutions – to help small companies like yours through the process of getting EHS compliant.

Over my 20 years in this business, I’ve seen the ramifications of non-compliance firsthand. Clients like you have come to us because they’ve already paid the price. They’ve realized their employees are at serious risk. They’ve been cited by OSHA and/or EPA. They’ve lost out on business opportunities. They’ve had to pay $10K-$100k in fines.

I don’t want you to make these mistakes.

When you partner with Berg Compliance Solutions, you can eliminate those risks, liabilities and worries and focus on what really matters – growing your business. Using our simple, step-by-step process, our clients have successfully achieved OSHA and EPA compliance while protecting their employees, communities, the environment and businesses from harm.

No matter your budget, knowledge, or needs, we’re dedicated to creating a plan that works for you.

Are you ready to develop a team that can handle all of the complexities of EHS regulations for you? Ready to sleep at night, knowing that if the OSHA inspector walks through the door tomorrow, your company will be fully compliant?

We’re here to make those dreams a reality. Because I know from experience – the sooner you get compliant, the sooner your business can flourish”

Kit Harper, Plant Manager at Lifelast:
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Berg Compliance Solutions to shore up our confidence in our EHS compliance. As a small company we can’t dedicate a resource to becoming an expert in this field, so partnering with Berg in this capacity has been fantastic. They have driven our compliance schedule and audits to ensure we have a safe workplace for our employees. Everyone we have engaged within Berg has been a very personable and competent individual with great leadership.
Please consider hearing from them how they could partner with you!”
Daryl Lanaville, Plant Manager at Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure:
“We initially chose to use Berg for their expertise because we believe it is not cost effective to develop that level of depth internally.”

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