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Berg Compliance Solutions Client Testimonials:

The “Problem” ….

Here’s how a couple of our small business clients have described their challenges managing environmental, health and safety compliance issues when there isn’t a full time, experienced, and qualified staff member to drive the programs:

One client said:

“I would say keeping up with the regulations is the key problem. You have federal and state haz waste regs in Texas, universal waste rules, waste water permits, storm water permit / rules, air permits and / or rules, waste determinations, training, records, reporting, OSHA compliance, TSCA, RCRA, CERCLA, Tier II, Emergency Response, etc…….If you’re like me, an EHS non-expert working in a small company, wearing many hats, it is very difficult to keep up with. The good news is there is a lot of information on the internet. The bad news is there is a lot of information on the internet. For a company the size of ours, you can’t justify a full time EHS professional, so the “EHS person” relies on a combination of seminars, internet searches, networking, and third party consulting and service companies to help them.  Managing all of these challenges is a major problem and why we need help”

Another client had this to say:

“The biggest hurdle is understanding the requirements and how they apply to your operation. Knowing what you have to do is half the battle.

Next is satisfying the training requirements for the different regulations. There is a lot of EHS training material and classes / seminars available, free and for cost. It takes a while to sort through it and pick what works for your operation. You will still have to develop some of the training on your own. When you have over 100 employees with about 25 different jobs and several work shifts, it’s a lot of time and effort nailing down who gets what training and when, and keeping records.”


Here are some actual client testimonials describing how our outsourced Assured Compliance EHS management service has helped solve their “Problem”..

Sonia Phocas, Owner at Alpha Granite:

“Tommy and the team at Berg have been wonderful to work with. At Alpha Granite, safety is our top priority. Berg Compliance understands our industry and has taken our safety progam and implementation to another level. Berg Compliance has engaged our employees and instilled a safety first mentality in our workforce. Tommy is a pleasure to work with and is always available to answer any questions we have. Take your safety program to another level and hire these guys!!”

Tracy Kriewald, Operations Manager at Cosaco:

“I reached out to Berg to do an overall SHE assessment at my previous employer. Their knowledge and detailed work on the assessment gave us confidence in hiring them to ensure continued compliance in our overall SHE program. They were extremely flexible and didn’t ‘nickel and dime’ us like you may get with bigger firms. I highly recommend them.”

Robert Kager, Owner Kager Industries:

“We hired Berg Compliance solutions in June of 2017 to help us resolve Osha citations and get our company to full Osha compliance. Since then Berg has worked hard to close out our Osha citations, write manuals, LOTO procedures, hazard assessments, provide detailed reports of physical changes needed to our equipment as well as conducted several required onsite training classes. They did this with absolute minimum work on our end or disruption to our business. Berg has been on time, dependable, friendly and a huge asset to our team. “

Kit Harper, Plant Manager at Lifelast:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Berg Compliance Solutions to shore up our confidence in our EHS compliance. As a small company we can’t dedicate a resource to becoming an expert in this field, so partnering with Berg in this capacity has been fantastic. They have driven our compliance schedule and audits to ensure we have a safe workplace for our employees. Everyone we have engaged within Berg has been a very personable and competent individual with great leadership.
Please consider hearing from them how they could partner with you!

Toni Gabriel, Environmental,  Health & Safety Manager at Wayne Fueling Systems:

“Berg Environmental Services provide exemplary service in handling our waste needs. I am confident in their expertise. They are prompt to our requests and work to our schedule.”

Dan Clark, CEO and Partner at Distinct Capital Group:

“At Distinct Capital Group our employee’s safety is our top priority.   Our portfolio company’s management teams are not only focused on delivering high quality products on-time to our customers, but they also take EHS compliance requirements very seriously.

We partnered with Berg Compliance Solutions to help us ensure our facilities comply with all EHS requirements.  They’ve  worked with our team to enhance all of our OSHA and environmental programs, and continue to help manage these throughout the year.

This partnership has worked out great.  It allows us to focus on our core business while at the same time having a third party ensure that we are staying in-line with our regulatory obligations.  We see great value in their services and would recommend Berg Compliance Solutions to other manufacturer seeking the same benefits.”

Margaret Ballinger, Controller, at Heraeus Quartz America, LLC:

“Berg Compliance Solutions has been a great partner.  They have worked with us on all aspects of environmental, health and safety.  They have both established and enhanced our programs to ensure we are in compliance with all the of the various regulatory agencies.  They have provided the expertise we needed for compliance and offered suggestions on how we could improve. We are very pleased with their support!”

Darrell Smith, Owner of Oakbrook Builders, Inc.:

“Our management team is focused on building top quality projects, and on time.  This is obviously a big priority, but we’re also committed to our OSHA health & safety compliance program to protect our workers, subcontractors and the company. This creates a serious challenge because our superintendents and project managers simply don’t have the time, nor expertise, to manage both priorities on a routine basis.

Berg Compliance Solutions has stepped in to help fill that gap and manage these issues with us. They train our employees, conduct routine inspections and provide very detailed reports that help us identify, understand and correct hazards, as well as helping implement and manage all of our other OSHA compliance requirements. They’ve also been very helpful in managing OSHA enforcement issues.

We would highly recommend Berg Compliance Solutions to any construction company needing assistance with their OSHA compliance programs.”

Jeff St.Amour, Operations Manager at Super Cheap Signs:

“Berg Compliance Solutions has exceeded our expectations. They’re our one stop shop for safety.”

Mark McGee, Manager at Highland Lakes Quality Castings had this to say:

“At my former employer, we were able to implement our safety program before operations ever began, which made it much easier.

However this company has been in operation for years, and so the thought of implementing an EHS program seemed like a huge mountain to climb.

But the structured process at Berg Compliance Solutions made it so easy to manage, and has been a huge benefit to the company.”

Ben Meadley, 3rd Party Business Consultant for one of our clients:

“Berg Compliance Solutions went “over and above” in helping us through a recent OSHA enforcement investigation.

Their support was great and instrumental in allowing us to prevent many citations, eliminate others, and greatly reduce our fines.

And now they’re already helping us correct all of the problems, and to ensure that they don’t happen again.”

Macon Stokes, Operations Manager at Amplifier:

“We’re very happy with the services from Berg Compliance Solutions, and feel that the investment is worth every penny. Berg Compliance Solutions has stepped in and managed all OSHA compliance issues for us.”

Andrew Bellefeuille, Project Manager at SCI Construction, LTD:

“Berg Compliance Solutions has provided consistent professional safety inspections and training to our company over the last two years. Berg inspectors provide a thorough monthly inspection report for each job site identifying any safety concerns and provide suggested corrective actions. Berg Compliance Solutions created an in depth safety manual for our growing company to address safety concerns in the construction industry. Their team of trained professionals have been extremely helpful and easy to work with in developing the safety plan for our company.”

John West, MBA PHR ARM, Sr. Human Resources Manager at KoMiCo Technology, Inc.:

We just did not have the time to do it right. That is where we found ourselves before contacting BERG.  Two years ago our internal goal was to improve and legitimize our safety program. BERG worked with us the entire way, creating JHAs, training, presentations, and monthly inspection reports. Our program is outstanding now and we continue to partner with BERG for compliance, and training needs. Our employees have recognized the difference and the commitment through our efforts with BERG.

Daryl Lanaville, Plant Manager at Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure:

“If you’re thinking you don’t need the expertise Berg has to offer, spend a few days (yes, I said days), getting up close and personal with the EPA, OSHA, or TCEQ’s websites.  If your mind is still intact after trying to digest the tens of thousands of intricate regulations, and the seemingly endless references and cross references to other publications and agencies,  you have truly done well.   The problem is, small companies cannot afford to pay an entire salary to have one person amass the expertise that Berg has in it’s stable of subject matter experts.  We initially chose to use Berg for their expertise because we believe it is not cost effective to develop that level of depth internally.  We continue to use Berg  because Berg is not your typical EHS consulting company.  EHS consulting companies can sometimes be difficult, even downright obnoxious about what part they play on the team.  The Berg team always presents the options for who should do which tasks, and then truly steps back and lets you decide how much you will do internally, and what you want the Berg Experts to do.   Teaming with Berg is making the load of becoming a safe and compliant company, much, much lighter”.

Emma Jackson, Logistics Manager at Molecular Rebar Design:

We are a nanotechnology startup in SW Austin, and have worked with Berg Compliance Solutions for support with EHS compliance for going on two years now.  BCS has been there for us at every turn, and has provided consistent, professional, and top-notch service and guidance since day one.  We highly recommend BCS to any other small business looking for an EHS partner with the experience and track-record to provide peace of mind in all aspects of EHS regulatory compliance.

We’ve Helped All Of These Companies Manage EHS Compliance & Can Help Yours Too!

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