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Why Berg is the Preferred Partner for EHS Compliance In Texas
And Throughout the U.S.

Outsource Compliance Solutions Designed to Serve Small Business Well

Berg’s founder took his lessons from running three small contracting business with major EHS compliance risks to structure the services, fees, and procedures for our environmental, health and safety compliance services.

Full-Service Outsource Compliance Solutions

Safety consultants are a dime-a-dozen, but Berg stands out by providing access to consulting services and solutions for all of your environmental, health, and safety compliance requirements.

Unsurpassed Competency

When our clients talk about us the word “competent” is used time after time. It’s one of the reasons we have a 95+% retention rate for our most popular outsourced compliance service.

More than Just EHS Consulting, Hazardous Waste Management, Too

Uniquely,  Berg offers a full range of hazardous waste disposal, transportation and classification services to meet EPA and state environmental regulations. Keep it simple – one partner for all your OSHA, EPA and state compliance needs.

Proven, Proprietary Processes

Being reliable, efficient and affordable requires time-tested procedures for helping clients become EHS compliant and staying compliant. That’s exactly what Berg delivers.

More About Berg Compliance Solutions

In This Short Video Berg’s Founder and President Talks About the Challenges of Regulatory Compliance for Small Businesses.