Uncover the TRUTH:

5 Safety Myths That SHUT DOWN Small Manufacturers

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Can your business survive a $100,000 fine?

How about millions in legal costs?

The hard truth is – you are already making expensive mistakes – and you don’t realize you’re making them.


Protect Yourself From Common Safety Traps

The biggest mistake isn’t what you’ve failed to do.

It’s what you believe you’ve already done.

  • DID YOU KNOW: 90% of manufacturers don’t have a compliant safety program? Yet many think they do.

  • DID YOU KNOW: There is a difference between “Safety Guidelines?” If you have the wrong one – it WILL cost you.

  • DID YOU KNOW: Your business doesn’t always shield you from liability?  If you make the wrong mistake you can GO TO JAIL.


Don’t Fall Behind!

In the free report I break down how a simple misstep can lose you:

  • Funds

  • Reputation

  • Customers

  • Employees

  • Opportunities

While you’re cleaning up a mess – your competitors are taking advantage by picking up all the things you’re leaving on the table.

However, preventative safety is 10x cheaper than OSHA knocking on your door.

By getting ahead of the curve – you can be the one capitalizing while they fumble.

Learn how safety can be your competitive advantage.


He’s Been Where You Are

Meet Russell Carr, President of Berg Compliance Solutions:

  • Experienced Leader: Overcame crippling OSHA fines as a small business owner.
  • Expert Insight: 30+ years working with small manufacturers & transforming complex regulations into actionable strategies
  • Proven Success: Guided countless businesses to safety compliance and operational excellence.

Russell doesn’t just share knowledge; he equips you with tools forged from hard-won experience.

Discover crucial safety insights and turn compliance into your competitive edge.

What’s Inside:

  • Common Myths Exposed: Misconceptions that might shut you down.

  • Uncover Hidden Costs: Overlooked impacts of non-compliance.

  • Legal Risks: Insights into risks you didn’t know you had.

  • Operational Benefits: How safety programs enhance operational efficiency and morale.

  • Risk Management: The true risks of non-compliance revealed.

The free report comes as a video presentation, an ebook, and a quick-reference cheat sheet for later reference. They’re all available by clicking the download button below.


In A Rush?

If you don’t have time to watch a video or read a report,

Schedule a free, no-obligation call to discuss your safety needs and how you can immediately start improving your compliance and operational safety.