Lead With a Powerful Safety Message

An effective and compelling safety culture speech can convince your employees to commit to making safety a priority at your company. The more comfortable we get in a job, the easier it is to start to let complacency slip into your routine. Taking safety for granted is a common mistake - and, if we’re being honest, an understandable one. It’s quicker to take a shortcut, and that can be tempting. Although OSHA doesn’t require “safety speeches,” it’s a great way [...]

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What Happens If You Violate OSHA?: Fines & Penalties

As we all know, OSHA penalties are a big part of why citations are a worst-case scenario for a lot of employers. No one likes to think about the big, bad “what if”s of the world." With that being said, if the worst does happen and an employee does get inspected and cited, the employer has a choice to either pay the citation without objection or contest the citation if they believe the claim is inappropriate or unfairly calculated. How [...]

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Building a Foundational Safety Program From the Ground Up

Let’s go ahead and imagine a scenario. It’s midway through March of last year. You’ve been working at the same manufacturing company for almost 15 years now. You’ve developed a real relationship with your boss, the Safety Director that you’ve been reporting to since you started here. However, once the pandemic hit, she cut her losses and decided to take an early retirement. Your new boss, on the other hand, was trained as a COO in the corporate sphere, and [...]

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How Safety Consulting Can Improve Your Company’s Culture

We spend a lot of time at work, and most of us are pretty proud of what we do. But in no situation should your job ever cost you your life. Safe job sites should be a priority for all employers; after all, the health and safety of your workers is your biggest responsibility. Protecting your workers starts with a strong culture of safety at all levels of your company. When employees are involved in that process from the beginning, [...]

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What is an OSHA Inspection?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has every right to inspect your workplace, impose penalties, and record violations of governmental safety regulations. What gives them the right to do this? OSHA is a government agency that is responsible for enforcing regulations applicable to workplace health and safety. However, there’s simply no way that they could inspect every workplace. Relevant questions to ask are: What triggers an OSHA inspection or what are the different types of OSHA inspections? Types of [...]

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Workplace COVID-19 Risk Exposures

How At Risk Are Your Workers? As the country opens back up and workers return to their jobs, it’s important to gauge where your employees fall in terms of risk level. Worker exposure risk when it comes to COVID-19 depends on a variety of factors. From the type of industry you work in to the level of human-to-human contact required in a typical work day, different variables can put your workers in categories ranging from lower risk to very high [...]

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