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Employee Triggered OSHA Inspections

  • We wanted to throw in this key stat that many businesses owners aren’t aware of.
  • Between 2009 and 2013, an average of 20% of all inspections were triggered by an employee complaint. And that percentage rose all the way up to 24% last year and that’s because OSHA takes these complaints very seriously and is responding by doing more and more follow up inspections.

Keep in mind that this could be a current employee, or one that you fired or laid off yesterday even 6 months ago. ANY ONE OF THEM COULD TURN YOU IN and OSHA is mandated to respond to every complaint.  Depending on the nature of the complaint and hazard, they may fax in a request for response, or if it’s severe enough, OSHA will show up at your front door for a surprise inspection.

In these cases, they’ve very likely to issue multiple fines and penalties that can add up to $tens or even $hundreds of thousands of dollars for companies that aren’t prepared.

–          So the point is, it’s very important to implement health and safety programs so that your employees know that you take it seriously and won’t turn you in.  This is a great way to avoid OSHA fines in Texas.

And to make matters worse actually Anyone Can Turn Your Company In to OSHA

That includes competitors, neighbors, employee family members, police or EMS, or basically anyone who sees or knows about a violation at your company.

OSHA is mandated to consider ALL complaints, and is mandated to follow up if the local manager considers the complaint violation to be “serious” in nature. And by “serious” that means any violation could result in a recordable incident.

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