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Helping Small Companies Throughout the USA Manage EHS Compliance Since 2003

Over the years our business has grown and evolved from a central Texas hazardous waste management company to a full service environmental, health and safety (EHS) consulting business providing OSHA, environmental and hazardous materials compliance services to clients throughout the United States.

Our story is comprised of two different companies:  Berg Environmental Services, Inc. (“BES”) and Berg Compliance Solutions, LLC (“BCS”).  Berg Environmental Services, Inc. was launched in August of 2003 to help central Texas companies manage industrial and hazardous waste management issues.  Over 15 years later, BES is still going strong and in February of 2013 helped launch a spinoff company, BCS, which specializes in helping small manufacturing, construction, energy and industrial services companies manage EHS compliance issues.

We specialize in working with small companies (less than 250 employees), because small businesses typically lack the internal expertise and resources needed to manage their EHS compliance obligations.  Therefore, small businesses are the most vulnerable to associated risks, such as regulatory fines and penalties, serious workplace injuries and higher insurance premiums.


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Small companies rarely have the resources to staff a full time, experienced EHS manager and consequently task a staff manager from HR, Operations or Maintenance with serious compliance responsibilities. From our experience, we have watched this scenario play out over and over again, and rarely does this situation work and here’s why:


1) The assigned manager lacks the technical knowledge and experience to understand and manage regulations, and

2)  They rarely allocate enough time and resources to compliance-related issues, because their primary role within the company has a direct impact on the bottom line.

This scenario can lead to significant negative consequences, which ultimately cost the small business lots of money in fines and fees. Unfortunately, over the years, we have seen several clients get into major trouble with regulators in addition to having serious workplace injuries.

As the owner of BES and BCS, I have first-hand experience and understand the dilemma of managing regulations and compliance related issues. Several years ago, I founded two separate energy services companies. Both companies were small and exposed our employees to significant health and safety hazards on a regular basis. I was always very focused and determined to manage our OSHA compliance obligations and keep our employees safe. I learned the hard way that recognizing the importance of managing our compliance obligations was one thing, but actually successfully handling those requirements was another issue in itself. I worried about getting the call that someone had been injured and always wondered if our staff members were following our policies and procedures and working safely. I would say that we did a better job than most of our small competitors, but there is no doubt that we could have done much better.

These combined experiences give us a very unique perspective on the challenges faced by small companies when trying to manage EHS compliance. These experiences were the inspiration for launching Berg Compliance Solutions in 2013. We began with 1 part time consultant, and we now have an entire team of experts who can help our clients manage any EHS compliance challenge.


-Assured Compliance, an outsourced EHS compliance solution
-Over 135 years combined experience with a team of experts who become the EHS department for our clients
-Turn-key services that help our clients implement and manage all applicable EHS programs
-Employee training and conduct regular inspections to ensure that our clients achieve and maintain compliance
-Cost effective, fixed fee structured contract that typically costs less than ½ the salary of a full-time EHS employee
-A very successful proven model that has a significant year-to-year growth and 95%+ renewal rate

Although Assured Compliance is our core service and purpose, we offer a wide variety of compliance services including EHS audits, safety and environmental training, industrial hygiene surveys, written program development and hazardous waste management services. And yes, we work with large companies too!


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Get compliant with an experienced partner you can trust.

We are your OSHA, TCEQ, Environmental, Hazardous Materials & DOT compliance experts in Texas and throughout the US.

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