OSHA & Environmental Compliance Audits Services Texas

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Begin to Achieve EHS Compliance Today With Our Audit Services

Our OSHA & Environmental, TCEQ, EPA compliance audit service assesses your business’s EHS compliance condition, so that you’ll be aware of any gaps that may exist, and then makes prioritized recommendations for immediate improvement.

Environmental, Health and Safety Enforcement activities are at historically high levels with no signs of slowing down. More than ever, it has become imperative that business owners and managers are prepared to deal with EPA and OSHA aggressive enforcement initiatives.

Some startling facts to consider:

Safety Compliance Related:

  • OSHA increased fines by 78% in August of 2016: Serious Violations (the most common type) increased from a maximum of $7,000 each to $12,476 and Willful & Repeat Violations from a maximum of $70,000 to $124,709 each.
  • OSHA could inspect your business at any time, without warning, and levy significant fines and penalties.
  • These inspections almost always find multiple violations which can add up to $tens or even $hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Citations are issued in over 75% of their inspections.
  • Businesses without a complete and certified safety program are at a much higher risk for fines and penalties.

Key recent changes to OSHA’s enforcement policies:

  • Increased mandatory fines for Serious Violations.
  • Increased time period for scrutiny of past employer violations from 3 to 5 years.
  • Currently attempting to expand criminal liability for employers for workplace fatalities.

Businesses may receive significant reduction in penalties if they contract with an outside health and safety consultant, and if they can demonstrate committed efforts to implement and maintain effective health and safety programs.

Environmental Compliance Related:

  • Fines and penalties for non compliance are not capped and can include criminal liability.
  • EPA laws hold business owners, managers and even employees accountable for environmental violations.
  • Business are accountable to a multitude of federal, state and local agencies,
  • Each of which enforce a wide range of environmental rules & regulations.

Our Compliance Action Assessment Can Help

In light of these aggressive OSHA & EPA enforcement trends, businesses need to be compliant and prepared. Let us help by providing a comprehensive assessment of your current compliance condition, by comparing your specific operational activities to all applicable EHS rules and regulations that apply to your business and identifying any gaps that may exist.

The assessment includes a comprehensive review of the following:

Safety Compliance Related:

  • OSHA 300 logs to identify injury and health risks and trends.
  • Health & safety manual
  • OSHA required programs (PPE, Lockout/Tag Out, Fall Protection, Confined Space, etc.)
  • Safety training programs and records
  • Audit of your operational activities and associated physical hazards
  • Confirmation of ongoing program maintenance, management commitment and employee participation.

Environmental Compliance Related:

  • Review of operational environment to ensure existence & implementation of any required permits and programs.
  • Existing environmental permit compliance (Storm Water, Water Discharge, Air, etc.)
  • Hazardous waste program compliance
  • Permit & Program Reporting Records
  • DOT & IATA

Once the assessment is complete, we’ll provide and present a comprehensive and detailed report containing the following:

  • Summary narrative of findings
  • Estimated OSHA fine schedule to determine safety citation liability
  • Itemized list of findings in an easy to understand format that makes reference to all applicable rules & regulations
  • Specific recommendations for prioritized corrective action

Once the report has been presented, our clients can either choose to implement all corrective actions themselves, task us with assisting with a portion of the recommendations, or partner with us to implement all corrective actions and develop and maintain a fully compliant EHS program.

The assessment typically costs approximately the same as a single OSHA Serious Violation, but depends on the number of employees, size of operation, and extent of environmental requirements. If you have less than 15 employees, we can extend a small business discount.

Critical Benefits of The Assessment Include:

  • Regulatory risk reduction
  • You and your management team will be prepared for any surprise regulatory inspections
  • You’ll gain a complete understanding of your compliance condition
  • You’ll be positioned to implement a fully compliant EHS program
  • Most importantly, you’ll have piece of mind.