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Our Turn-Key Outsourced OSHA and Environmental Compliance Consulting Services Can Get Your Company Compliant Now

Most small companies want to keep their workforce safe, minimize their environmental impact, and maintain compliance, but it’s not easy. OSHA, EPA, TCEQ, DOT & Hazardous materials regulatory compliance laws are complex & ever changing, and can easily overwhelm small businesses who often lack the time, resources and expertise to understand them. Many companies aren’t even sure which EHS regulations apply to their operations, let alone how to manage them.

Due to budgetary constraints, many companies try to solve the problem by dual tasking unqualified and strapped staff members to manage these complex regulations, or worse, do nothing at all.  Both strategies are nearly always doomed to failure.

Unfortunately, regulators don’t give passes to small business, and routinely issue significant huge fines and penalties to violating companies.   Did you know that OSHA just increased fines by 78% in August, 2016, and EPA implemented similar 50-80% fine increases as well?

Non-compliant companies also face potentially devastating civil & even criminal liabilities, reputational damage, skyrocketing costs and other related risks.

We specialize in helping small manufacturing, construction and industrial service companies manage these regulatory challenges and risks through our hands-on, customized outsourced EHS compliance service called Assured Compliance.  We essentially become our client’s Safety and Environmental Compliance Department.  Our extremely cost-effective service assigns a dedicated consultant or team of consultants to your company.  Our team focusses on learning your business, conducts a detailed “top to bottom” assessment of your overall compliance condition, and then determines all regulatory requirements and deficiencies that apply to your specific operations.  We then begin the process of working with your team to implement and manage all corrective actions over an initial 12 month period.  This includes drafting applicable policies and procedures, employee training, routine inspections and reporting, helping with recordkeeping requirements, and can even assist with accident investigations and regulatory enforcement actions (OSHA, EPA & state regulators).

We have a proven process for managing these responsibilities and even guarantee OSHA compliance for our clients.  The service can include optional turn-key environmental compliance assistance as well.

We offer our service for a pre-determined monthly fixed fee cost structure, with no additional charges, so you can budget accordingly with no surprises.

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Our EHS Compliance Solutions Service, Assured Compliance, Consists of the Following:

  • The program begins with a comprehensive assessment of your companies’ current compliance condition, whether you have one location or several. The assessment compares your specific business operations to all applicable EHS rules & regulations that apply to your business and identifies any gaps between the two.
  • The findings and deficiencies from the assessment are then prioritized into a list of corrective actions that ultimately bring your business into full compliance. Each corrective item references the specific regulatory requirement or best practice that applies to the finding.
  • Implementation of your environmental, health & safety program.
  • Creation or review your EHS policies and procedures to ensure your compliance.
  • Creation of customized employee training programs.
  • Recordkeeping management assistance.
  • Implementation of a customized  Compliance Calendar to organize, schedule and maintain all aspects of your compliance. Including;
    • Implementation of the prioritized corrective actions identified during the assessment phase.
    • Scheduling of all required employee safety, environmental and other regulatory training.
    • Scheduling of all OSHA-safety program requirements.
    • Optional environmental program and permit management.
  • Full assistance with regulatory enforcement actions, including OSHA, EPA, TCEQ or state environmental agencies.

Benefits of Our Outsourced EHS Compliance Solutions Program:

  • Monthly fixed fee cost structure, with no additional charges, so you can budget accordingly with no surprises.
  • Keeps your company in line with regulatory requirements.
  • Protects your workforce and local community from harm
  • And ultimately protects your business from the potentially devastating risks associated with non-compliance.
  • And all for about half (often times less than half) the cost of an in-house EHS Manager.

Visit TCEQ’s website to learn more about environmental compliance laws that affect Texas manufacturers.