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“The 5 Most Dangerous EHS Compliance Risks Facing TX Companies Today”

Texas OSHA

You will Learn The 5 Most Dangerous Compliance Risks Facing TX Companies, How Potentially Damaging They Can Be To Your Business & Most Importantly How To Manage Them & Protect Your Company!

Don’t Be One Of The Hundreds Of Texas Companies Who Ignored The Risks Until It Was Too Late.  It Happens Every Single Day To Unprepared Companies, Don’t Let Yours Be Next!

What does that mean to your business?

The average fine from a comprehensive inspection is expected to increase from $15-45K to $37-90K, but can exceed $100K for companies that are not prepared.

Consider The Following:

  • OSHA Increased Fines by 78% & EPA Increased Fines by 50-80% This Year

  • OSHA, EPA or TCEQ Could Inspect Your Business At Any Time & Without Warning

  • OSHA & EPA Can Hold Business Owners Criminally Responsible In Some Cases

  • Injured Or Killed Employees, Or Their Families, Can Sue Companies For Settlements That Can Run Into The $Millions

  • US Companies Lose $140 BILLION Eeach Year To Occupational Injuries & Accidents

  • Violating Companies Often Face Devastating Reputational Damage & PR Nightmares

We’ve been sharing our report with Texas small companies & business owners for years and all have appreciated & greatly benefitted from the information, and yours can too.  We promise it won’t be a waste of your time!

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