Build Your Customized OSHA Lockout Tagout Program

OSHA requires employers to develop a comprehensive Lockout Tagout program to help protect their employees from the accidental release of hazardous energy.

Failure to manage LOTO can result in fatalities and gruesome injuries such as amputations, not to mention huge fines and penalties for the business.


Our NEW Small Business LOTO Compliance Package can help your company achieve Lockout-Tagout compliance.

Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way!

Most small companies lack the internal expertise, time and resources to achieve and manage LOTO compliance, which puts their employees at risk for serious injuries and the company for major fines and penalties.   We can help!

We’re here to help your company develop a comprehensive LOTO program to achieve and manage OSHA compliance requirements.

Many companies, especially small ones, really struggle to achieve and manage Lockout Tagout compliance due to the extensive requirements.

Key components of an OSHA compliant Lockout Tagout program include:

  • Draft written Lockout-Tagout program
  • Create inventory of all applicable energized equipment
  • Develop equipment specific Lockout Tagout procedures for each piece of energized equipment
  • Employee training:  This includes both “Authorized” and “Affected” training
  • Conduct annual LOTO audit to ensure that authorized employees are able to follow LOTO procedures

Our consultants will help your staff every step of the way to implement each of these vital components.

The Non-Compliance Risks You Face