This is our next blog post in our series about common OSHA compliance misconceptions, and it involves the mistaken idea that OSHCON can somehow manage a company’s OSHA compliance.  We routinely hear companies tell us that they utilize OSHCON consulting services, and therefore are compliant and don’t need additional help.

Companies who make this assumption put themselves at risk for huge fines and penalties, and their employees at risk for serious injuries and accidents.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • No Mandate For Compliance:  OSHCON has no requirement to get their clients OSHA compliant.  They can only offer recommendations, but then it’s up to the company to follow through.
  • 1 Inspection per Year:  They are only required to conduct 1 inspection and report per year and the fact is that the quality of their inspections and reports are totally dependent on the dispatched consultant.  We’ve heard a wide range of feedback from fantastic to lousy.  It’s also important to keep in mind that companies must implement all recommended corrective actions within 2 weeks or put themselves at risk for follow up enforcement.  And then they must continue to manage those requirements on an ongoing basis, but this is exactly what most companies struggle with and fail to do!
  • Only Offers Generic On-Line & Library Health & Safety Resources:  Clients are given access to very generic resources such as training videos, templates, etc.. that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the specific hazards and issues that the company might have.  Don’t get me wrong, these resources are better than nothing, but they’re generic and someone at your company still needs to order, manage and make use of them.  OSHCON cannot and will not do that for you.


Don’t get me wrong, they’re a great resource, but don’t confuse it with “OSHA compliance,” because it’s not. Really, they’re nothing more than a good starting point. Managing the rest is up to your company.

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