Customized Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Training

Does Your EHS Training Program Meet OSHA, EPA and DOT Standards?

Texas OSHA

Companies who fail to meet these training standards put themselves at risk for major liabilities including huge fines, serious employee injuries, reputation damage, lost customers and potential civil and criminal liabilities.

Are you feeling overwhelmed & confused by these training regulations & struggling to find a solution?

If so, don’t feel bad because you’re definitely not alone.  EHS training requirements are extensive, complicated and even tougher to comply with, especially for small companies who almost always lack the internal expertise, time and resources that that are needed to keep up.

Learn what steps you can take to manage EHS training compliance & reduce your risk.

Up to 90% of small companies fail to manage their EHS training requirements, putting them at risk for major liabilities.

Managing EHS Training Isn’t Easy and Presents Many Challengess

Did You Know?

– Your company must assess your operations to determine which OSHA, EPA, TCEQ and DOT training requirements apply to your business 

– Generic training doesn’t cut it.  OSHA requires customized training that addresses your company specific hazards

– Training frequency depends on the topic. Some topics are one-time, while others require annual or bi-annual training

– Training must be delivered by an experienced and qualified trainer who understands the regulations and can answer questions.

– OSHA mandates that all new employees be trained prior to starting work.

Other Training Challenges:

– Managing and maintaining training certificates & records

– Coordinating training schedules 

– Keeping up with training and employee turnover

A single OSHA training violation can cost a company up to $13,000 in fines.

Training Services From A Partner Who Understands The EHS Training Challenges You’re Facing

Our founder, Russell Carr, has first hand experience dealing with these challenges while owning and operating 3 small contracting businesses with major EHS training requirements:

“Between the three companies, we were responsible for training a long list of OSHA, EPA and DOT topics.  The situation was complicated by the fact that our employees were literally scattered all over the country, so scheduling and logistics were really tough.

I always worried that we weren’t keeping up and how that might cause serious injuries and regulatory fines.

It was a very difficult situation and I struggled for years trying to make it work.”

These challenges later inspired him to found Berg Compliance Solutions, a company dedicated to helping other businesses manage environmental, health and safety compliance and risk.

Our unique understanding of these training challenges makes us different than other consulting companies, and gives our customers a big advantage.

Is your company ready if OSHA, EPA or DOT shows up tomorrow?

Reduce Your Risk & Get Piece Of Mind

We’ll guide your company every step of the way, from determining which training requirements apply to your business,  to developing customized training content to address your company’s specific requirements, and deliver training using the platform that best suits your company’s needs.

Our proven process will create a customized EHS training program you can count on to manage compliance, reduce risk and deliver piece of mind.

Business owners who are negligent in managing safety training requirements that result in serious injuries or fatalities can face potential civil and even criminal liability.

Reducing Risk of Injuries, Fines and Legal Actions

The goals of the Berg Assured Compliance service are to reduce risk of workplace accidents, employee injury, and damage to the environment. Our program is highly effective at mitigating financial and legal risks associated with non-compliance. We help you make your company a safer, more responsible company.

The cost for each serious injury runs $20,000 – $80,000.

Training Services From A Partner You Can Count On

Over the years we’ve earned a reputation for providing great customer service. Checkout our Google Reviews and our client testimonials page where our customers talk about our reliability and how we are to work with. We won’t let you down

OSHA or EPA could inspect your company at any time and without warning.

Customized EHS Compliance Training Services:

Turn-Key Compliance Training:

  • OSHA Health & Safety
  • EPA and State Environmental Agency
  • EPA and DOT Hazardous Materials

Customized Training On Any Platform:

  • Live, On-Site Training
  • On-Line Training
  • On Demand Webinar Training


The Non-Compliance Risks You Face