Environmental consciousness is increasingly important in the business and manufacturing world, but the regulations you need to follow can be complex and overwhelming. Just the same, you know you need to be proactive about your environmental, health, and safety (EHS) programs in order to keep pace in your industry.

What do you do when the expense of a full-time environmental compliance specialist is out of your reach? A partnership with Berg Compliance Solutions can solve your EHS planning and compliance challenges for less than ½ the cost! We can fine-tune your environmental, health, and safety operations and relieve your legal and operational worries.

How Can Berg Compliance Solutions Assist Your Business?

As many as 90% of manufacturers fail environmental compliance tests — which opens the door to tremendous fines, severe penalties, damage to your reputation, and legal liabilities that can cripple your business and halt your operations.

Our president and founder, Russell Carr, understands your concerns and your problems. His unique insight comes from having been a small business owner running 3 small contracting businesses with major EHS compliance obligations and risks and struggled for years trying to keep up, so he’s literally stood in your shoes before. Our passion and “insider” perspective gives us an advantage for our clients that other environmental consulting services can’t match.

Some of the most common turn-key services we can tailor to your needs include:

  • Phase 1 assessments
  • Phase 2 assessments
  • Stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP Plans)
  • Hazardous and industrial waste management
  • Hazardous and industrial waste disposal
  • Air permits and authorizations
  • Environmental compliance training
  • Environmental compliance audit services
  • Regulatory enforcement assistance
  • Spill prevention and countermeasure plans (SPCC Plans)

We are constantly adapting our services to changing environmental demands and regulations so that our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Get The Environmental, Health, And Safety Assistance Partner You Need to Manage EPA and TCEQ Environmental Compliance

Take steps to protect what you’ve built. It only takes a single incident to provoke an investigation or create significant legal and financial problems for your company.

A partnership with Berg Compliance Solutions can be the answer to your problems, whether you need help with one facility or a dozen. Contact us today to find out more about the services we offer.