Environmental Consulting — Houston, Texas

To stay EHS compliant, your business needs to meet a variety of regulations. It can be a challenge to ensure you’re meeting all of them due to the sheer number. Unfortunately, regulators will not let you use ignorance as an excuse.

The best way to make sure you comply with the law is to receive environmental consulting. Houston companies can turn to Berg. We will give you advice about how all the federal, state, and local laws apply to your business.


Who Needs Environmental Consulting?

It is critical that you receive regular consultations if your business is making an impact on the environment. This is the case if you handle oil, natural gas, or even soil. Businesses like factories, farms, power plants, and laboratories, as well as companies in a range of other industries, can all benefit from environmental consulting.


When to Receive Environmental Consulting

Whenever you make a change at your business, you need to make sure that it will not negatively affect the environment. If you have a new project in the works or a development plan, confirm that you’ll be meeting regulations before you begin. Even the renovation of an old building could require an environmental consultation — particularly if the building has lead paint or asbestos.


What Happens During a Consultation?

Our team of specialists will carry out an assessment to look at aspects like:

  • Safety and compliance violations
  • Potential hazards
  • Pollution and contamination
  • Waste disposal

At the end, you’ll receive an evaluation that explains what you need to do to be environmentally responsible and risk-free.

Even if you have received expert advice in the past and nothing has changed at your business, it is worthwhile receiving environmental consulting — Houston, Texas, is one place where regulations are always changing. You need to stay up to date to avoid penalties like large fines.

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