Up to 90% of manufacturers fail at their environmental compliance efforts — which ultimately puts each of them at risk for major liabilities. Small and medium-sized companies are in the greatest danger, simply because they often cannot afford the high cost of a full-time environmental specialist and lack the expertise to manage on their own.

Hiring an environmental compliance service company can be an effective, affordable solution to your problem. Berg Compliance Solutions can be your committed partner for environmental, health and safety (EHS) planning and compliance. For less than ½ the cost of employing a full-time environmental specialist, our services will relieve your burden and allow you to operate your business without the constant worry over regulatory fines, damage to the local environment, community problems, and legal threats.

Why Should You Hire Berg Compliance Solutions For Your EHS Needs?

Our president and founder, Russell Carr, has an intimate understanding of the compliance challenges small businesses face. He used to be in your position when he operated his own small businesses with major EHS compliance obligations and risks. The struggles with environmental compliance that he endured inspired his passion for helping other small companies manage their environmental obligations and risks. His experience forms the basis of our practice and give our clients an edge that other environmental consulting companies lack.

The wide range of environmental services we offer includes:

  • EPA and TCEQ Compliance Services
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP Plans)
  • Air permits and authorizations
  • Environmental compliance training
  • Environmental compliance audits
  • Regulatory enforcement assistance
  • Spill prevention and countermeasure plans (SPCC Plans
  • Phase 1 Assessments
  • Phase 2 Assessments

We understand that every business is unique and we tailor our turn-key services to your needs — so that you can relax and get back to work without worrying about violations, fines, and lawsuits.

Get Started With A Responsible And Reliable Partner Today

Your reputation is everything, so take action to protect it. A single environmental incident can lead to investigations, thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars in fines, and lasting damage to your business.

Take the necessary steps to protect your future and contact Berg Compliance Solutions today to set up an appointment for a consultation. Your business is worth the investment!