Understanding and Managing Complicated OSHA, EPA & State Environmental Regulations Can Be Tough For A Small Company, So We’ve Created A New Website To Help

The majority of small US manufacturing, construction and industrial companies fail to manage EHS compliance, which puts them at risk for major liabilities.  

“I understand these compliance challenges and risks very well, and lived through just about all of them while running 3 small contracting companies during my career.
Those experiences later inspired me to found a new company called Berg Compliance Solutions, a new kind of consulting company which is dedicated to helping small businesses manage EHS compliance and risk in the most comprehensive and cost-effective way in the consulting industry.
As part of that mission, I’ve created a brand new website that’s specifically designed to help non-experts get a better understanding of these complicated regulations and more importantly, how to manage them and reduce risk.
The information is presented in easy to understand, non-technical language so that visitors can actually begin to take steps to achieve compliance and reduce their risk.
It’s based on my own experiences as a small business owner struggling to manage EHS compliance with my companies, as well as the actual regulations themselves.”
Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll find:
  • Many of my “mistakes made and lessons learned” while trying to manage EHS compliance
  • Free white papers, guides & reports
  • Compliance surveys
  • Educational video library including compliance topics, webinars and more
Click below to visit the site and happy learning!

The Non-Compliance Risks You Face

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