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Does Your Environmental, Health and Safety Training System Meet Regulatory Requirements From OSHA, EPA and DOT?

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Failure to meet these training regulations can put your company at risk for major liabilities including employee injuries, fines, lost money, lost customers and even civil and criminal problems if things go wrong.

Learn what it takes to manage HSE training regulations and related risks.

Imagine having a turn-key and customized EHS training program that meets all of these regulatory requirements and protects your company from these potentially devastating risks. Imagine no longer having to worry and wonder about getting fined, losing money and customers, and legal problems. That’s exactly what our customized, online EHS training platform delivers, and more…

We’ll help you build a customized and compliant EHS training program from scratch using our proven process and systems.

Up to 90% of small to medium sized customers fail to properly manage OSHA, EPA, state environmental and DOT training requirements, putting themselves at major risk.

Managing Environmental, Health & Safety Training Is Not Easy

EHS Training Requirements Are Extensive & Complicated:

– Every company has different training requirements.  You must analyze your operations to determine which specific EPA, DOT and OSHA training regulations apply to your company and then build a customized training program to meet those requirements.

– Since each company has unique health and safety hazards, OSHA mandates customized training to address those hazards.  Generic training won’t work.

–  Your company must schedule training frequency according to the topic. Some topics only need to be trained once, while others have annual training requirements, and some topics must occur every two or three years.   

– Your company must track and document all training records and certifications.

– Not just anyone can deliver your EHS training.  OSHA, EPA and DOT requires training be delivered by experienced, qualified and “competent” trainers.  The trainer must understand the regulations, present the training so that it’s understandable, and must be able to answer questions from your employees.

– According to OSHA, all new employees must be trained prior to starting to work at your company.

– Due to employee turn-over, training literally becomes a “never ending process.”

– Your  company must ensure that all employees get trained, despite production and other scheduling challenges. 

A single OSHA training violation can cost a company up to $13,000 in fines.

Online EHS Training Services From A Company Who Really Understands The Training Challenges You’re Facing

Russell Carr, our company founder, has first hand experience dealing with these challenges while owning and operating 3 small contracting businesses with major EHS training requirements:

Russell Carr, our company president, has literally lived through all of these EHS training nightmares and challenges.  He founded and operated three contracting companies, each with significant environmental, health and safety training obligations.

“Between the three companies, we were responsible for training a long list of OSHA, EPA and DOT topics.  The situation was complicated by the fact that our employees were literally scattered all over the country, so scheduling and logistics were really tough.

We had to manage extensive EPA, TCEQ, OSHA and DOT training requirements between the 3 businesses.  Our employees were located all over Texas and throughout the country, which really complicated logistics and scheduling.

It was a major hassle, and I was never sure if we were keeping up.  I constantly worried about getting fined or employees getting hurt.

It was like a dark cloud that followed me around all the time and it really stressed me out.

These experiences and lessons learned, inspired me to create a new company dedicated to helping other companies and business owners to manage these EHS training requirements and compliance, and to reduce related risks.

Our founder’s first hand experiences dealing with these EHS compliance challenges makes us very different than other online training providers.

What if DOT, EPA or OSHA shows up tomorrow to inspect your company’s training records?

Achieve Training Compliance and Piece of Mind

Our proven process will create a customized EHS training program for your company, that you can count on to manage compliance, reduce risk and deliver piece of mind.

Our team of experts will work with your company to build a customized online EHS training program from scratch meet these regulations and make training easy and manageable.


Business owners who are negligent in managing safety training requirements that result in serious injuries or fatalities can face potential civil and even criminal liability.

Reducing Risk of Injuries, Fines and Legal Actions

The goals of the Berg Assured Compliance service are to reduce risk of workplace accidents, employee injury, and damage to the environment. Our program is highly effective at mitigating financial and legal risks associated with non-compliance. We help you make your company a safer, more responsible company.

The cost for each serious injury runs $20,000 – $80,000.

Online EHS Training From A Trusted and Reputable Partner

We are committed to providing outstanding consistent and reliable customer service. Our commitment to customer service has earned our company many 5 Star Google Reviews and a long list of positive customer testimonials.  CHECK THEM OUT HERE.

You can count on us every step of the way.

Is your company ready for a surprise inspection?  If not, take action today.  It’s easier than you think and the risk isn’t going away.

Customized Online Safety, Environmental & Hazardous Materials Training Services:

Online OSHA Safety Training Topics:

  • Hazard Communication
  • Lockout/Tagout: Control of Hazardous Energy
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Fall Protection
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Confined Space
  • Powered Industrial Trucks
  • Crane & Hoist
  • Ladder Safety
  • Rigging
  • Electrical Safety
  • Hand & Portable Power Tools
  • Fire Safety

Online Environmental & Hazardous Materials Training Topics:

  • RCRA: Initial & Annual Refresher
  • Storm Water: SWPPP Training
  • DOT Hazardous Materials Training

Customized Online EHS Training Topics (As Needed)


Personnel tasked with managing EHS

The Non-Compliance Risks You Face

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