You’re probably wondering why you’re looking at a picture of a guy working on top of a wind turbine, right?  I’ll get back to that in a minute, because it’s a very important part of our company story, but first let me start by summarizing what this story is about and why you should continue reading, especially if you own or work for a small company who is struggling to manage environmental, health and safety compliance issues and are looking for some real answers and solutions to those problems.

Hello, my name is Russell Carr and I’m a small business owner and entrepreneur and have lived through many of the same EHS compliance challenges that you’re probably facing today.

During my career, I founded 3 different companies each of which had significant OSHA, DOT and environmental compliance requirements.  Berg Environmental Services, a hazardous waste management company which I founded in 2003 and which continues to operate today, and two small energy services companies: One was in the renewable sector, and the other was in oil and gas.

My experiences running these companies taught me first hand how incredibly difficult, confusing and challenging it can be to manage all of these HSE regulations, especially for a small business.  You see small companies almost always lack the internal expertise, time, money and resources that are needed to get it done right!  My companies were no different, so I’ve been there just like you are today and really understand how tough it can be!

But unfortunately small companies don’t get a pass. We face the same regulatory, civil and sometimes even criminal liabilities that much larger companies face if we don’t get it right.  In fact, the vast majority of companies who end up getting penalized for non compliance are small businesses.

So my first hand experiences with these struggles were the inspiration for starting this, my 4th company, Berg Compliance Solutions, which focuses almost entirely on helping other small business owners and companies manage OSHA, environmental and hazardous materials regulatory compliance.  Don’t get me wrong, we work with big companies too, but the vast majority of our clients have less than 100 employees.

This very unique perspective and focus on helping small companies is what makes us different than other environmental and safety consulting companies.  And not only can we help with health and safety issues, but we can also help with environmental and hazardous materials compliance.  Most other consulting companies can’t do that.  We are your one stop shop for virtually all of your environmental, health and safety needs.

We utilize a very unique, proven and proprietary outsourced EHS compliance system that will get your company in line with these regulations in the most cost effective and least disruptive way for your businesses.

Best of all, we’ll actually guarantee your company’s OSHA compliance.  Good luck finding another consulting company who will do that and stand behind it like we do.

We’ve helped many small manufacturing, construction, industrial service and others achieve and maintain compliance and would love to help yours too.  Checkout our Client testimonials page or Google reviews to see what they have to say.

If you already know that you need help and want to learn more about our services, call the number below or send me an email and we’ll get right back with you.

But if you’d like to learn more about our company and why we decided to focus on helping small business, checkout the next story where I’ll explain the picture of the guy on top the wind turbine but also tell the story of my struggles trying to manage compliance the same way that you probably are today.  I’ll bet you’ll relate to what I have to say and can learn from many of the mistakes that I made along the way.  Thanks for watching.