SAFE BREW – Affordable, Non-Stop OSHA Compliance For Microbreweries In Texas

Texas OSHA

Brewing great beer while managing a safe and compliant workplace isn’t easy, especially for small microbreweries who often lack the internal expertise, time and resources that are needed to keep up with the complicated regulations.

However the brewing process introduces very serious health and safety hazards that must be managed in order to protect employees from harm and the business from huge fines, embarrassment, and potential civil and criminal liability if things go wrong.

The good news is that we can help you create a safe & compliant workplace in a surprisingly affordable & reliable way.

Introducing SAFE BREW which is based on our proven ASSURED COMPLIANCE process

Imagine achieving and managing OSHA compliance quickly for up to 80% less the cost of hiring a full-time Safety manager. Then, imagine not stressing about serious employee injuries, huge OSHA fines, PR disasters and legal problems. Those are just some of the benefits of SAFE BREW, our fully supported, customized, outsourced OSHA compliance service for microbreweries in Texas.
With SAFE BREW, we essentially become your company’s Safety Department.

Affordable Outsourced OSHA Compliance

SAFE BREW is a predetermined fixed monthly fixed fee, with zero surprise charges, for piece of mind and easy budgeting. Total annual cost is typically 80% less than hiring a full time safety manager.

We offer 2 service tiers:

  • Standard: designed for typical microbrewery OSHA compliance

  • Customized: we’ll create a customized  OSHA compliance program for your microbeweries specific needs

The Non-Compliance Risks You Face