So you’ve been tapped by your boss and told that in addition to all of your other responsibilities, you’re  now the company’s Safety Manager too, or if you’re really lucky, the Environmental, Health and Safety manager.

Many small companies lack the budget to hire a full time, qualified EHS manager and attempt to solve the problem by asking a staff member to manage these responsibilities, but it’s not easy. OSHA, EPA, TCEQ, DOT & Hazardous materials regulations are complex & ever changing, and can easily overwhelm someone who’s not prepared or experienced.   Whether you’re the company’s HR Manager, Operations Manager, Production Manager or Maintenance Manager, or even the secretary, it doesn’t matter, you already have a full plate of responsibilities and now it just got tougher!

Don’t despair, search around this page and see all of the free resources and information we’ve provided for your benefit.  We hope that you’ll find these resources helpful, and invite you to make full use of them!

Are you already looking for outside help?

We specialize in helping small companies manage these regulatory challenges and risks through our hands-on and customized outsourced EHS compliance service called Assured Compliance.  Our service keeps your company in line with all applicable EHS regulations, protects your workforce, guarantees your compliance, and ultimately protects your business from the potentially devastating risks associated with non-compliance, and all for less than half the cost of a full time, qualified in-house EHS manager!  Click Here to see what our clients have to say about the service.

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