The Affordable New Way That Small Manufacturers Manage OSHA & EPA Compliance & Risk

Learn about the revolutionary new way that small manufacturers manage environmental, health and safety risk in the most cost-effective and comprehensive way on the planet!
Federal laws mandate small manufacturers to manage a long list of complex & ever changing environmental, health and safety regulations, or face major risks & liabilities.
Did you know:
  • The average OSHA inspection will result in $30,000 – $80,000 in fines, but often exceed $100,000 or $200,000 for unprepared companies
  • EPA fines are not capped and can max out at $25,000 per day, per violation depending on circumstances
  • Companies who get cited often face major PR damage when it gets publicized on-line & print media
  • Business owners & even management can face personal criminal & civil liability
  • Serious injuries or fatalities often result in civil settlements that can run into the $millions
Small manufacturers are at greatest risk due to a common lack of the critical expertise, time & resources which are needed to keep up, & often lack the budget to hire a full time EHS manager.
But it’s not all bad news, there’s a new way for small manufacturers to “flip the script” and get ahead of it all….
Russell Carr, Founder & Principal
Hello, my name is Russell Carr, and I understand these scary challenges all too well.
Throughout my 32 year career, many spent working with small manufacturers, I’ve seen these nightmare scenarios play out over and over again, including seeing one former client get sent to jail, others threatened with jail time, many suffer through huge fines, and I even saw one competitor who I knew personally lose his multi-$million business after a single employee injury.
All of these people & companies had 2 things in common:
1) they weren’t keeping up with these regulations
2) one day it caught up with then with devastating results
Look, I don’t judge nor do I look down at these people & situations, because I’ve been there myself and know exactly how it feels.
I used to own a small energy services company which was cited by OSHA, and another one of my companies was cited by EPA and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
It was incredibly frustrating, embarrassing and costly.
I tried everything, but nothing ever seemed to work and I’ll bet that many of you can relate.
Looking back, I only wish there had been an option or service I could have turned to for help, but there wasn’t.
These combined experiences later inspired me to found Berg Compliance Solutions, which is dedicated to helping small companies manage EHS compliance & risk.
Over the years we’ve established a very strong track record & reputation for achieving our mission, and continue to innovate and find creative new ways to help….

We’ve Responded To These Challenges Facing Small Manufacturers By Developing A New Virtual Service Designed To Get Your Company Compliant & Reduce Your Risk

All For A Fraction of The Cost of Traditional Methods, Hiring In-House or Rolling The Dice With Non-Compliance

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