Do you have 2 – 15+ years of environmental, health and safety experience in manufacturing or general industry?  Do you have a BS or MS in EHS or other technical degree from an accredited brick & mortar university?  Are you committed to protecting people and the environment from harm?  Are you excited by the idea of helping small, at-risk, “underdog” companies to manage compliance & risk using our innovative on-site and virtual consulting models?

If yes, then please read on . . . 

Are you driven to make things better?

Do you have extensive environmental and hazardous materials compliance experience?

Do you have extensive 1910 General Industry experience?

Do you have extensive industrial hygiene experience?

Do you have a proven track record of building & establishing EHS programs?

Do you enjoy building relationships with front line production workers, supervisors, management & senior company leadership to help build safer workplaces?

If you’ve made it this far, then YES, we want to talk to you!

We’re searching for Staff & Senior Environmental, Health & Safety Consultants to roll up their sleeves to help our clients achieve compliance, risk reduction and most importantly, zero accidents.  We are now accepting applications for Remote positions throughout Texas.

Why would you want to take on this challenge?

  1. You love the idea of working for a successful consulting business and want to help building it into a sustainable, world class organization that takes care of its employees and transforms client companies
  2. You want to be part of a cutting edge, innovative & proven consulting approach that helps small company “underdogs” achieve EHS compliance, risk reduction & zero accidents.
  3. You want to work with a team of EHS professionals who are committed to each other and to our clients.
  4. You want to mentor & guide recent graduates & newbies
  5. You want to be trusted and valued for your ideas & see the fruits of these
  6. You work best through “freedom within guidelines”.  You’ll enjoy a high level of autonomy but you’ll be working within parameters and maximizing the potential of the building blocks you’re given.
  7. You’re an experienced EHS professional but are willing to learn & follow our process first & then enhance it.
  8. You appreciate having the support and backup of your teammates, who’ll be right there with you on this mission.

If you’re frustrated by lack of “management commitment” to EHS, your current program has a “hit the ceiling” with nowhere else to go, corporate politics, drama, and being told something “can’t be done” or “has always been done this way”, so are we!

There’s no room in business (or in life) for lack of commitment, silos, holding grudges, or maximizing problems.  We want people who are energetic, enthusiastic, and positive, who inspire others and have a natural sense of leadership.

This is a key position, so you’ll also be absolutely trustworthy. You are open and honest about both the positive and negative state of things.  (If you are used to withholding bad information in order to make yourself look good, this is not the job for you.)  And you’re not afraid of risk, but you’re also not reckless or a gambler at heart.  In short, you use good judgement and have a strong sense of ethics.

If this is you, let’s talk!