Eventually, due to OSHA fines or environmental fines and penalties, or a serious employee injury, or other EHS related problem, many small Texas companies are eventually forced to confront their EHS compliance dilemma, and decide whether to tackle the problem internally or to outsource their OSHA, environmental, and EHS compliance.

Berg Compliance Solutions, LLC (BCS) offers safety management services that protect your workforce and keeps your company compliant with regulatory requirements – for about 70% less than the cost of an in-house safety manager. BCS has significant experience in developing and assessing health and safety programs and procedures for our clients, which include general industry, construction, and hazardous waste operations.  Our service includes optional environmental, TCEQ, EPA, and hazardous materials compliance assistance.

With an ASSURED ComplianceSM Program from BCS, you have access to a team of experts with certifications, advanced degrees, and proven experience in industrial hygiene, occupational safety, and environmental issues to assist with your ongoing needs. We develop and document a complete safety program so that, if OSHA knocks on your door, you don’t have to worry. This has become particularly critical given the fact that OSHA plans on increasing civil penalties by 80% during 2016. This means that the maximum for “Serious” citations (the most common type) will increase from the current maximum of $7,000 each to up to $12,500 each. “Repeat” and “Willful” citations will rise from current maximum of $70,000 each to up to $125,000 each!

A formal safety program not only protects your employees, it also saves you money. OSHA infractions can delay jobs and incur costly fines, and high incidents of injury and illness increase your insurance premiums. By implementing a complete and documented health and safety program, our clients have reduced their workers’ compensation rates by 5% in the first year alone. As your company embraces safety, mod rates drop, and you will realize even further savings.

Throughout the year, we walk your facility, provide on-going training, and run your safety committee meetings. We make training interactive and engaging, so that your employees actually apply what they have learned.