How to Build a Manufacturing Safety Program From Scratch, Keep Your Employees Safety & Avoid Massive OSHA Fines

July 13TH, 2022 | EST : 01:00 PM | PST : 10:00 AM

Overview of the workshop

Learn how to build a manufacturing OSHA program, even if you know nothing about safety.

This workshop is designed for any small manufacturing or industrial business who is struggling to understand and manage safety.

Companies who fail to manage OSHA health and safety laws put themselves at risk for major liabilities including serious injuries, fatalities, huge fines and serious legal problems, so it’s vital to take action before it’s too late.

Of course, managing safety is much easier said than done due to the many complex and ever changing OSHA laws that apply to a typical manufacturing or industrial facility.

This event was created to help solve this problem by explaining the process of building and managing a safety program in simple, easy to understand steps and language.

What you’ll learn?

  • The dilemma facing small manufacturers when it comes to safety
  • The major risks & liabilities you face for failing to manage safety
  • The step by step process for building a custom tailored safety program, from start to finish.
  • How to determine which OSHA laws apply to your company
  • How to build a customized safety program that meets OSHA laws
  • How to build an employee safety training program
  • The 5 keys to managing safety for the long term
  • The 5 most common OSHA compliance mistakes made by small manufacturers & how to avoid them

By the end of this workshop, you’re going to learn the basic steps for building a custom tailored safety program that meets all of the OSHA requirements that apply to a typical small manufacturer and ultimately protect your business & employees from harm, which of course is the most important thing.

Who Should Attend?

This event is for you if:

  • You feel confused and overwhelmed by OSHA’s complex and ever-changing safety regulations
  • You’re tired of past failed attempts to manage safety
  • You’re tired of worrying about the possibility of serious injuries, failed inspections, massive fines and serious legal problems
  • You lack the budget and/or need to hire an expensive full time, qualified safety manager
  • You want to learn how to build and manage a safety program “in-house,” but are unsure how to start

If this sounds like you, then this workshop is the answer!

Who else?

  • Any small manufacturer or industrial facility
  • Business Owners
  • Company Leadership
  • CEO
  • COO
  • Directors
  • HR Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Operation Managers
  • Managers/Supervisors
  • Team Leaders

Ask your question directly from our expert during the Q&A session following the live event.

About the speaker

Russell Carr

Years of Experience: 23+ years serving small manufacturers

Small business environmental, health and safety expert & advocate. I used to own and operate 3 small companies with major EHS obligations & risks. I learned first hand how tough it is to navigate these complex regulations in a small business environment. These experiences later inspired me to found Berg Compliance Solutions, a new kind of consulting company dedicated to helping small manufacturers manage EHS compliance & risk in the most comprehensive & cost effective way possible.